Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Needed Take?

Recall what I wrote (on a number of occasions, I merely refer to the latest one) about this whole Trump thing in May:
Trump is the president. He hired those people and is responsible for what they do. But does he know what they do? There are two possibilities. Trump wants a war with Iran and what we see is a good cop, bad cop strategy in which Trump plays the good guy for his voters until some 'grave incident' happens that lets him says that he has no choice but to 'hit back' at Iran. The other scenario is that Trump is a fool and that the war hawks use him as their tool to implement their preferred policies. Former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke says that the second scenario is the real one:
The consensus on ‘no conflict’ unfortunately, may turn out to have been overly sanguine. This is not because Trump consciously desires war, but because the hawks surrounding him, particularly Bolton, are painting him into a corner – from which he must either back down, or double down, if Iran does not first capitulate.And here is the point: the main Trump misconception may be that he does believe that Iran wants, and ultimately, ‘will seek a deal’.
Crooke describes how Bolton, and Netanyahoo behind him, outmaneuver the U.S. intelligence services over Iran. They stovepipe "intelligence" to the president and the media just like the crew of then Vice President Dick Cheney did in the run up to the war on Iraq:
Bolton chairs at the NSC, the regular and frequent strategic dialogue meetings with Israel – intended to develop a joint action plan, versus Iran. What this means is that the Israeli intelligence assessments are being stovepiped directly to Bolton (and therefore to Trump), without passing by the US intelligence services for assessment or comment on the credibility of the intelligence presented (shades of Cheney confronting the analysts down at Langley). And Bolton too, will represent Trump at the ‘security summit’ to be held later this month in Jerusalem with Russia and Israel. Yes, Bolton truly has all the reins in his hands: He is ‘Mr Iran’.
'Mr Anti-Iran' is a more precise moniker. Or one may just call him President Bolton.
It has to be understood very clearly that Bolton-Trump and Trump-Pompeo relations are symbiotic ones. If one recalls--Trump made his admiration for Bolton known even before Trump was considered a serious contender for the Oval Office. In the end, he DID hire Bolton. Both Trump and Bolton are frauds as statesmen: Bolton is a Beta-male and a coward who sublimates his complexes in aggressive rhetoric and behavior, this is not to speak of Bolton being an Israeli asset par-excellence.These are precisely the traits Trump recognizes in him because he is one himself. Recall his statement about his, Trump's, "military background" he received in a... boarding school for boys. Recall how Kevin Costner's character in undeservedly chastised The Postman, in the final battle with Will Patton's character, astutely notices how one fraud can recognize the other. This is exactly the situation. Trump is fool, but Bolton is merely an experienced bureaucrat, which testifies to the level of Trump's foolishness and incompetence. I doubt there is any Good Cop-Bad Cop dynamics there. 

The problem here is not with Trump, who by now paraded himself long enough as a person who is nothing more than NYC real estate shyster and one trick pony who ended up in Oval Office due to good reciting of speeches written for him by Stephen Miller. After all, one expects at least mediocre acting and diction from TV personality such as Trump. The issue is deeper--it is the fact that the person who formulates and drives US foreign policy, John Bolton that is, is himself a fraud who lacks, as did most US National Security Advisers, any serious background in what increasingly constitutes main drivers behind geopolitical balance. As Colonel Larry Wilkerson noted about his harsh encounter with John Bolton, Bolton stated "I do policy, you do war." How can anyone make policy without knowing war, especially against US dismal track record of both policy (so called) and military failures is beyond me, but it is what it is.  

So, Bolton, who is a coward and, hence, is obsessed with some kind of institutional violence which, in his opinion, may give him some relief from him understanding that he is a beta-male and a cuckold (literally) loser, and Pompeo who is a full blown Christian Zionist--they are essentially in charge of US foreign policy. They, plus, of course, as was stated not for once--Bibi. Phil Giraldi gives additional insight into Trump Administration's "foreign policy" cadres, so at issue here now is WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE? Most likely it will be repetition of April 2018 Syria's strike with "very smart missiles" (most of them intercepted). In the same time, considering an appalling lack of any expertise in the US top echelon of power and personalities who operate there--there is some, however insignificant now, chance that Trump could be manipulated (on the account of dick measuring contest) into more serious actions against Iran and then, well--good luck to those who are deployed in the Middle East. 

Trump Administration is the most Zionist, Israeli-first administration in the US history. It is a scale of corruption and real collusion with foreign power unprecedented in the existence of the American Republic, or, rather, whatever remains of it. There are many ways to explain how this happened, but as I stated in the previous post--top echelon simply has nobody better out there, period. US elites can not produce statesmen anymore, and even this mechanism which is in place in a shape of Ivy League universities teaching all kind of "humanities" crap, supposedly to future American "leadership", can only produce semi-literate doctrine-mongers who are only good for contriving false narratives and selling themselves out to a highest bidder, be that done on purpose or "accidentally".  

In related news, Russia issued a warning.
I guess we'll see soon where it is all going, but I would have given up a lot to learn what Moscow and Tehran are actually discussing between them. Or are they?   

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