Saturday, June 29, 2019


We returned home yesterday after 01:00, happy and inspired. I can say now that we saw a Legend of a man and the band. If Western Civilization is ever going to come back to human normality, the recovery should start from playing Jeff Lynne and ELO's music as a mandatory subject in schools as a lesson in humanity, taste and quality. It also has to be played as mental therapy. ELO played yesterday to a packed Tacoma Dome (Dhani Harrison and his band were opening act--really good). We were sitting to the right of the stage very close to it--lights, production, playing, I have no enough superlatives to describe this. It was loud, but what a loudness it was--clear, beautifully separated by frequencies of instrument and yes, Jeff still got it. We (a huge crowd, I mean) sang like crazy together with ELO and, boy, did they rock the Tacoma Dome sold out crowd.  One knows that one is going to see a Legend and rock highest royalty when you can see three generations, ranging from ages 70 to teenagers, going in the river of humanity towards the Dome. By the time Jeff, Dhani and ELO started playing Traveling Wilburys' Handle With Care--nobody was sitting at the packed venue. Here is some taste of ELO in Tacoma Dome--a Magic! And we were really happy to see so many youngsters who knew Who they were going to see and hear. People already upload videos from the concert. Ah yes, ELO still sells out places like Wembley. 

They are the orchestra of Electric Light and nobody comes even close.

P.S. Forgot. Technically it was Friday. 

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