Saturday, June 22, 2019

It Is Not Friday, But Still...

Waiting to meet music legends. My daughter, who is involved big time in the rock music business (her fiance is a life long tour-manager of one of the four big metal giants, care to guess, who? Wink-wink), including being PR honcho for Shania Twain's last world tour. She got us (well, privileged, let's put it this way) tickets to see Jeff Lynne's ELO next Friday. I cannot wait to get to this magic. Yet, she can get us to Queen's concert but I don't want to--no, make no mistake, I love Brian and Roger, I miss John badly and Adam Lambert, who has an amazing voice, can still do the JOB. But there is no real replacement for Freddy, until, until...and that is what I cannot accept. We had all a chance to take a drug and relieve the pain and experience a reincarnation but....denied, because this guy is not, let's put it this way, flamboyant enough? Why, this didn't happen when it mast have? I know John Deacon wanted him, Roger Taylor plays with him on tours, and yet--he had doors to Queen closed for him?!!! Enter Mark Martel, 8 years ago when he stunned the world:

Did Freddy have a fling in Canada (yes, he was actually Bisexual) and had a son? Celine breaks down when she understands what she witnesses, we all got it. Yes, I also got very emotional.

We were given a truly a second chance--to experience a miracle and we are still denied this:

So, why should we go to see Queen without Marc through who Freddy sings today...........

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