Friday, June 14, 2019

Irish Have A... Hm...Whiskey In The Jar.

I was driving home today from work and listened to Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynott delivering with a raspy wonderful voice Whiskey In The Jar. Phil, who was half-black, would beat the shit out of anyone in a bar if they didn't call him Irish. Sadly, he died from drugs--what a waste of an artistic genius. But it brought me back to a more Irish way to die prematurely and no--I am not talking about Gary Moore who had no fvcking business leaving us so early. Among Irish genius alcoholics Rory is one of the most underappreciated music geniuses and, probably, being a blues player from God he had many people who wouldn't like to concede to his sheer brilliance, but, after the Whiskey In The Jar on the radio today, I somehow want to remember a guitar firebrand from Cork (how appropriate).
Those who wonder what whiskey in the jar is, Russians, in the best tradition of pickling in the 3 liter, well, jars, have the answer:
Ah, yes, it is Friday...

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