Sunday, June 30, 2019

What Would... Stanislavski Do?

Remember Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavski? You know, the father of world-renown acting school (and method). 
You know his MOST famous phrase? Here it is: Не Верю, that is Don't Believe This, or, to be prudent--Not Convinced. That was a sentence to an actor facing a master. Well, here is the news (damn, I am still under the spell of ELO):
Clutching her face in despair and weeping, photos of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemingly show her strong reaction to a horrific scene of US migrant detention. However, new angles reveal she may have played things up a bit.While quite a few people noted that there was something a bit off about the congresswoman's photo shoot at a border detention policy protest that went viral this week, there was nothing concrete to indicate her insincerity... until one gets a look at the massive empty road and parking lot on the other side.
Ahem, AOC needs to take few acting classes using Stanislavski's method, she needs to ask her brothers and sisters in BS and Social Justice Warriorism from Hollywood, I am sure they will arrange that for her. After all, it takes a lot of skills to hide one's stupidity and shallowness. So far, I, same as Stanislavski, would be--not convinced. She should act better. I leave it here, with by far more capable political commentator giving this whole affair a much better treatment. I want to stress, though, those are Movado she wears. I know, I have one myself. But in general, you literally cannot make this shit up--of that I am fully convinced.

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