Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I seldom read Russia's so called "business" media having a very good idea who and how "reports" in them--I do have my own professional reasons to not take opinions of graduates of elite Moscow and St.Pete's humanities universities, working in those media, seriously on any geopolitical and military issue related to world at large in general and Russia in particular. The record of Kommersant, RBC, not to mention all other so called "pro-western" heavily liberal publications, of serving outright lies, recall Saponkov's affair or BS on carbon fiber by this very Kommersant, among many other, so called "cutting edge" (euphemism for Russophobia) media, is "impressive". Yet, even Kommersant couldn't stay silent on this: 
Не успевая следить за переменами в умонастроениях Дональда Трампа и силясь понять, встретится ли он в Осаке с Владимиром Путиным, все просмотрели главную сенсацию. На саммите G20 в Японии пройдет не планировавшаяся ранее встреча лидеров России, Китая и Индии. Ее инициатором стал индийский премьер Нарендра Моди, от которого такого предложения еще недавно ждали меньше всего.....   Однако перед саммитом G20 в Осаке выяснилось, что «треугольник» Евгения Примакова — не мертворожденный прожект. Просто по-настоящему востребованной эта идея становится только сегодня. Заявления о том, что взаимодействие Москвы, Дели и Пекина базируется на общности подходов к ключевым вопросам мировой политики, в современных реалиях перестают быть пустым звуком. При этом попытки президента Трампа вернуть мир в эпоху протекционизма и диктата из Вашингтона, одинаково неприемлемого для Москвы, Дели и Пекина, становятся еще одним аргументом в пользу их сближения. В итоге Россия, Индия и Китай осваивают большую Евразию на троих, и четвертый — Дональд Трамп — здесь лишний.
Translation: While failing to keep up with Donald Trump's mood changes and trying to figure out if he is going to meet Vladimir Putin in Osaka, everybody oversaw the main sensation. The summit of G-20 in Osaka will see not planned initially meeting of leaders of Russia, China and India. This meeting was initiated by India's Premier Narenda Modi, from who such an initiative was expected least of all... However, before summit of G-20 in Osaka it became clear that (late) Evgenii Primakov's "triangle" wasn't stillborn after all. It is just that this idea is becoming in demand only today. Statements about cooperation of Moscow, Delhi and Beijing being based on commonality of approaches to key issues of global politics in modern realities are stopping to be just empty declarations. In the same time, President Trump's attempts to return the world back into the era of protectionism and Washington's dictate, equally unacceptable for Moscow, Delhi and Beijing, are becoming yet another argument in favor of their rapprochement. As a result, Russia, India and China muster Eurasia for three of them, while the forth--Donald Trump--is redundant here.

Talk about "hitting reality" at a high speed by Kommersant. If they publish such materials, that certainly means that at least some soul-searching is going on. In the end, hey--they are "business" publication for people who like to make money. There is a lot (like really huge sums) of money to be made at India's and China's markets and Russia, sure as hell, has quite a few things to offer from hi-tech, to hydrocarbons and their derivatives, to agriculture. Ah, yes, forgot completely, we are talking about the market with population of more than 5.2 billion. That is around 70% of population of the planet. Well, if Kommersant begins to get it, can you imagine the scale of realignment in geopolitical, economic, cultural, in the end, philosophical, senses unfolding in a front of our eyes. It is unprecedented. It is also not accidental that "suddenly" this pathetic collection of European clowns, also known as Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe wants Russia back with full rights, she was denied after Crimea's return. My position on this issue was and remains consistent: Russia has NO business in this degenerate organization, she should abstain paying a single Ruble to it, and must demand public apology from them for lying about the tragedy of MH-17, which was shot down by Ukrainian banderistas. But, whatever. 

Europe in all that is just a business entity for Russia and European modern "culture" should be denied entrance to Russia. Europe can keep her sodomy, pederasty, gender "democracy" and green energy, among other similar perversions, to herself. If Europe, most likely country by country, ever cures herself--then there will be the subject for discussion between nominal Europe and Russia about what the real West is. As per United States, DJT continues to do a swell job in isolating the United States thus making sure that economic collapse may reach catastrophic proportions. But, hey, as long as he is winning, he will stay redundant.    

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