Thursday, June 13, 2019

It Is Getting Curiouser And Curiouser.

Now Russian VKS fly in support of Turkish Army which came under the fire of Jihadists. What do ya know. 
Russia’s Air Force has carried out four strikes in Idlib province, Syria’s last jihadist stronghold, after Turkey asked for help in ensuring the safety of its troops in the area, the Defense Ministry said.The Turkish side provided the coordinates of “terrorists in Idlib” to the Russian military after Turkish troops came under fire from Al-Nusra-linked militants, leaving three servicemen injured.“As a result, large concentrations of militants and field artillery positions from which the Turkish observation post had been shelled were destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.
Take it any way you want, but this is  an indication of a rather close coordination between Moscow and Ankara, there is no other way about it. While I still do not make a call on the S-400 deal for Turkey, it seems, if to follow latest news, S-400 will be delivered, as will the deliveries of F-35 stop. Did Erdogan make up his mind? One thing is for sure for Turkey--Eurasia looks increasingly economically attractive and, surprise, surprise, people East of Kiev do not bomb countries into stone age, in fact, the opposite is true. Make no mistake--there are many thorns in this possible arrangement for both Turkey and Russia, but Turkey understands, I think, that any dreams about European "future" are pretty much dead both for political and, inevitably, social reasons. The economic reasons will follow, if not already. Especially once BRI becomes a reality. 

In related news, the United States continues to coerce India into rejection of her $5 billion dollars-worth of S-400s (in Russian) and by now this routine is getting simply tired and predictable.  I am, of course, aware of the situation in Persian Gulf and two "torpedoed" tankers there. It stinks to heaven with false flag and I do not even want to discuss it, since 99.99% sure that Iran has nothing to do with it. But, I also should clarify my position on Russian-Iranian relations, which I will do at some point of time--this clarification is needed for people who think that Russia is automatically Iran's security guarantee. This is NOT the case and Iran has to know that the free stuff, as it was the case with USSR ready to support any kind of "lefty" regime, is not available--there is nothing free in this world in international relations. Russia remembers really well WHERE Iran ran to the moment the sanction were lifted, disregarding a decisive role Russia played in lifting those sanctions. In other words--it is not black and white there between Tehran and Moscow. Some mutual work needs to be done. But about this--later. 

P.S. Thanks to Yvonne Lorenzo, who made me aware of that, Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick refer to my book in their latest. So, I guess, I will continue writing until I win n-amount of Dollars in Powerball or Lotto and go to Disneyland. Nah, I'll probably take couple weeks for sleeping non-stop.         

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