Wednesday, June 5, 2019

It Was Expected And Predicted.

After President Putin and China's Leader Xi Jingping concluded their first meeting in Moscow today with press-conference, one of the statements by Vladimir Putin certainly stood out (deliberately in Russian): 
In other (English) words:
It is, by now, almost anti-climactic--the way genuine multi-polarity unfolds--with China and Russia claiming, step-by-step, independence from Western (primarily American) institutions in every single field--from economy to "security". It is especially contrasting with what Daniel Larison described as Trump's Venezuela Hallucination:
It is, indeed, embarrassing, but in the same time--how is that different from Obama's "Russian economy left in tatters"--a hallucination and imbecility applauded by a bunch of Democratic ignoramuses with the aid of foreign policy "experts" of GOP such as late terrorism supporter McCain or his buddy in delusion Lindsey Graham. No difference whatsoever--it is still same ol' myopia (myopia? how about being retarded, literally) of which I write for years now. 

But at least give Associated Press a credit for allowing this to be made public:
Obviously, Eastern Front in general and Operation Bagration in particular were the key for success of Allied Breakout from Normandy, but even brief reminder is good enough for now. It takes nothing from heroism, dedication and sacrifice of Allies: Americans, Britons, Canadians, Poles and others who stormed Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. But on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day it comes with a sense of dark irony how non-stop Cold War by the combined West against USSR/Russia and now China already resulted in a dramatic decline of the combined West and inevitably leads to a serious clash of (Western)European and American interests. Why? Because there is only so much is available to go around and, as I stated huge number of times, no currency worth anything unless it rests on the real military (and by implication, economic) capability. I reiterate it--REAL. This very Daniel Larison, on Trump's example, conveys how American political class played a key role in America's worst nightmare coming to reality, with China and Russia not willing to play by American rules and how it, in the words of Pink Floyd, missed the starting gun. 
This episode isn’t that important by itself, but it shows how easily Trump can be convinced of the reality of things that haven’t happened and how readily he will accept any story, no matter how unfounded it may be, if it flatters him and bolsters his agenda. That makes him unusually easy to manipulate and provoke, and it makes him an exceptionally easy mark for misinformation. That puts the president’s decision-making completely at the mercy of the advisers that control what he sees and hears.  
Substitute "Trump" with "American elites" and it will describe really well the overall state of the affairs in the shining city upon a hill.  

UPDATE from 06/06/19: As I stated not for once, United States will exit START (strategic arms limitations) treaty and Russia was preparing for that. Here is Putin today:
САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 6 июня. /ТАСС/. Новейшее гиперзвуковое оружие России будет способно защитить страну даже в случае прекращения действия Договора о сокращении стратегических наступательных вооружений (СНВ-3)  
Translation: Russia's newest hyper-sonic weapons will be able to protect Russia even in case of START-III ceasing to exist. 

Putin added (in Russian), very ominously, that if nobody wants START's extension, well, Russia is not going to insist. What will be demonstrated next? I can only speculate but REAL, fully integrated echeloned anti-missile system covering all of Russia is being constructed as I type this. We are yet to learn about actual capabilities of S-500 which surpass by far those of S-400 (imagine that). Plus, in another little news-piece, as Natsionalnaya Oborona reports (in Russian), Poliment-Redut, which is an anti-air and missile system on Russia's latest frigates of pr. 22350 (and reportedly will be installed on two remaining nuclear cruisers), will receive long-range (400 kilometers) missile based on 40H6 for S-400. So, make your own conclusions.      

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