Monday, May 20, 2019

Anyone Needs Further Elaborations?

I resigned myself completely--it was a process--to the fact that Donald Trump is a hollow BSer once John Bolton entered Trump's Admin as National Security Adviser. I started to suspect that Trump was not what he tried to portray himself while running for the office even earlier. There were some signs, especially when one considers well documented emergence of "Mad Dog" Mattis as an "adult in the room". If Mattis was considered an adult in the room, one could only imagine who such a room was filled with. But now POTUS finally did it:
What can I say, Donald Trump lives in a delusion which is carefully constructed for him by such people as Bolton and Pompeo and, obviously, Trump has no inhibitions against producing genocidal statements towards a nation which absolutely and unequivocally presents NO threat to America's national interests. Even being at the service of  his Israeli overlords, this is something entirely new, especially when, now traditionally, communicated through Twitter. Really? 
I, honestly, begin to think that in the United States' interest to make sure that people taking highest political offices have at least basic background in military and strategy, as well as some service experience on operational level. It is, of course, absolutely not a guarantee against psychopaths still leaking into the system, enough to take a look at Tom Cotton, but my record shows that since Admiral Fallon in 2008 these were primarily American high ranking officers who not for once warned against attacking Iran. Now, after the US miserably failed in Venezuela and, obviously, failed to provoke Iran (as Israel wished), Trump decides to have the last word and produces a whopper of hollow bullying. Now, folks, think: who in their own mind will negotiate anything with Trump? Certainly not Iran, Russia already knows who she is dealing with, China? Well, that is a separate topic, but something tells me that Chinese do it out of necessity. 
And then, of course, there is this purely military aspect of fighting Iran, on which I wrote not for once. Unless Trump want's to annihilate Iran with her 80+ million population using nuclear weapons--which will constitute a crime against humanity surpassing that of Nazism--the United States can not "end" Iran militarily, especially if it will decide to commit suicide and start land invasion. But here we are getting into the field of operations, operational planning, logistics and... draft? Things people in Trump's Administration do not understand precisely for the reasons of leaving reality-based global community long time ago. In fact, in some sense Trump is further development (or devolution) of America's political elite which stopped producing true statesmen long time ago. Under this conditions a big mouthed NYC real estate shyster probably will do for a president.     

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