Tuesday, May 7, 2019

You'll Never Walk Alone!!

AAAAA!!!!!!!  Liverpool, Bravo!! One of the greatest comebacks in football history!! Destroyed Barcelona 4-0 after losing first leg 0-3. AAAA!!! Damn, and I am at work. Legends, damn Legends. Champions League Final 2005 against Milan, again, repeat in 2019!! I can not imagine what is happening now in Liverpool. Poor police, LOL! 

UPDATE: What the hell is going on here? LOL. Liverpool--yesterday, Spurs--today. The best Champions League season ever. English Premier League welcome back to the top of leagues (those in the know always knew you were the best) of the world. If tomorrow the magic happens and Europa League also sees Chelsea-Arsenal final, I think I will puke every time I will hear anything about Barcelona, Messi and La Liga--not even close.  

 UPDATE 2: So, it is all English. Magnificent.

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