Thursday, May 9, 2019

No Sh.t Moment.

It is a Victory Day in Russia and elsewhere in the world where people of good heart and will celebrate those who sacrificed so much to save civilization. never stops and a major No Shit moment just occurred with POTUS. 
Ahhh, Mr. President, it is called YOUR (that is Trump's) Administration for a reason--You, nobody else, out of your own free will (and ignorance), stuffed (or deliberately infested) this administration of yours with most imbecilic, incompetent war-mongers, who even failed the smell test in W's admin. That is some crafty bottom feeding you performed which would impress even "Buck" Turgidson. So, Mr. President, now it is a time to own it. War and serious international relations are not your run of the mill New York real estate shyster dealings--they do require real qualifications and skills. But, let Mr. Trump deal with this smelly business himself, after all, according to sources:
Despite Mr Trump’s grumbling that Bolton had gotten him out on a limb on Venezuela, Mr Bolton’s job is safe, two senior administration officials said, and Mr Trump has told his national security adviser to keep focusing on Venezuela.
A classic case of serious bi-polar syndrome which afflicted current Administration which, evidently, is not really Trump's, methinks. It is akin to asking a plumber (nothing against this highly needed profession) to continue to perform open heart surgery on a dying patient. Or, for that matter, letting a fox guard chickens in a chicken coop. No shit. 

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