Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bomb threats put spotlight on vitriolic political rhetoric (c).

No, it has nothing to do with "rhetoric", which is merely a symptom, a result, of a much more serious and possibly terminal illness. Most likely, and even people with half brain can understand it, it is a continuation of Democrats' activities designed to sway the outcome of mid-term elections. Party, whose DNC had no problems with coming up with one of the most stunning in its idiocy and criminality, undermining what's left of once proud Republic, Russiagate, will have no problems in coming up with a pathetic "operation" to present themselves as "victims". And, of course, there could be no "soul-searching", considering, with some minor exceptions, what kind of human trash (aka "journalists") populates primarily Democrat-controlled media. 

I don't like Republicans. In fact, I abhor them, but what Democratic Party represents is beyond abhorrence or rejection--they are down right dangerous to the United States' as fully anti-American Party. So, it is really sad that the United States has only two options, both of them really shitty, with one of them, in addition, being deadly dangerous. It is a sad state of the affairs but it is an expected one.    

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