Monday, October 29, 2018

Russia's Non-Jewish History-1

As I promised earlier, it is time for me to address this ever important (no sarcasm here) issue of Jewish role in Russia's 20th century history. It is important not for Russia, which, bar some "nationalist" fringes, long ago largely settled the issue; it is important for the United States and its current situation of departure from the so called "unipolar moment" and its own struggles, both domestically and internationally, with its own identity. So, before I proceed I need to very clearly state my position on these key issues:

1. There is very little doubt that predominantly Jewish Israeli lobby has a baneful effect on the United States by helping shape her foreign policy and wields a grossly disproportionate influence on her political discourse. Indeed, 23 (or 26) standing ovations during joint session of US Congress for Bibi, massive number of Israeli political action committees and think-tanks, Holocaust "industry"—all these are undeniable facts of America's submission, and subversion, to the interests of Israel. No one with even half-brain can deny this. Hence, often (not always) justified frustration on part of many Americans with finding their country being effectively on the service of the Israeli interest groups. It is understandable and I, myself, also am frustrated and often disgusted with that. But that is NOT the whole story and by far. Israel wouldn't have had this level of influence in the US if not for a massive support of the so called Christian Zionists, most of who are Evangelicals, as one example. And so, no matter how many warnings and studies there have been, from Alfred Lilienthal's seminal The Zionist Connection to Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer's The Israel Lobby, this all is not enough for explanation of how the United States found itself in such, rather pitiful, bondage. Yet…

2. Very many Non-Jewish and even some Jewish Americans' frustrations with America's Zionist predicament by no means can be viewed (or used) as any justification for mindless rewriting of history by some "alt-right", not to mention crypto-Nazi, American "historians" who altogether deny any kind of validity to Jewish persecutions while in the same time inflating, for obvious ideological reasons, Jewish influence around the world grossly, bordering on grotesque, out of proportions. As Russians love to quote famous Russian sarcastic line: if there is no water in the faucet—that means Zhyds (slur for Jews) drunk it all ©. This, however, also applies the other way around for Holocaust industry in the US. WW II was fought not because of Jews nor to save them, in fact, Jewish suffering in WW II was just another nightmarish chapter in the book of horrors perpetrated by Nazism. Thus, Holocaust…

3. Jewish Holocaust DID happen, it did happen along other, even larger, Holocaust of WW II—this one of Slavs, with Russians being the largest group, slaughtered by Nazis on an industrial scale, be them Poles, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Serbs, and I am talking about civilians, not military personnel. Obviously, the slaughter of Chinese civilians by Japanese shouldn't be overlooked either. I don't know precise numbers of Jewish Holocaust and I have my reasons for thinking about some adjustment, but it is clear that number of Jews killed by Nazis is in millions. In this case, anyone in the US who starts their legitimate struggle against Israeli lobby will be well served recognizing all those very well recorded and documented crimes against humanity committed by Nazism. Considering the fact that many (by far not all, though, thank God) of those "fighters" with Jewish lobby in the US are American Nazis, or people close to them in their world outlook, recognition of the nature of WW II for what it was is an absolute No-No for them. Hence an avalanche of the so called "revisionist", grossly amateur pseudo "history" in which almighty Jew rules the world and is a cause for all its wars and other calamities. Again, recall the line about lack of the water in the faucet. 

4. Enter Russia. And here is the trick—for people who decide to "fight" Jewish influence in the US, Russia's 20th century "history" is used as a perfect example of this almighty Jew doing his nasty against what is perceived as a Russian Orthodox Christian paradise in 1917 and later, can you imagine, those "Jewish Bolshevik Commissars" crushing "noble" Hitler, who came to save Western Civilization against those pesky Jews. Hence, as huge swaths of American "historiography" tell us—if not for those Jewish Bolsheviks, Russia would remain just fine and if not for those Jews… So, you get the picture. This (paranoid and illiterate) "version" of Russian history is needed in the US for:

a) Making the case for Jewish monstrous power (Jewish lobbies are powerful, but not as described);

b) To remove ANY responsibility from good ol' Non-Jewish America which, with or without Jewish influence, has a lot of skeletons in its own very much non-Jewish closet. 

Russia and her revolutions play in this schizophrenic (why it is so—later) ideological game an important role. No, most of those people in the West who shed all those crocodile tears about Russia Which We Lost (a famous RKMP—Rossiya Kotoryu My Poteryaly, after late Stanislav Govorukhin's grossly a-historic "documentary" in early 1990s), that is pre-1917 Russian Empire, have no love, appreciation nor any knowledge of Russia and Russians. In fact, many of them cannot stand Russian guts. They just need Russia as an example of what "almighty Jew" can do because of his "inherent evilness", plus they fire up their emotions in a way which satisfies their need for endorphins, when they "expose", and cuss, and condemn all this Jewish un-godly activity in subverting the otherwise noble and primarily WASP and, in general, West European peoples. 

Well, there is very little doubt that some American Jews in top echelons of power and influence are a part of a freak show, but then again, American political discourse today is nothing more than a panopticon of mental, sexual and moral anomalies—and those came not just through Jews. But that's the point—Russia has NO relation to this, nor can she serve as any parallels-building example for America for a simple reason—Russia's 19th and, especially, 20th Century history was not "written" or "defined" by Jews, who were merely one, and by far not the most important, of a myriad factors which set up Russia for her entrance into the 20th Century and defined her fate. "Jewish Bolshevik" Revolution is a figment of imagination implanted into the mind of ever ignorant West by the Russian immigration, of mostly well-off and formerly influential elites, after 1918-1922 period and served those people, who used to be in power in Russia, for ONLY one purpose—to justify their utter failure to modernize Russia while managing sinking her in the bloodbath of the WW I and Civil War. The myth of Almighty Bolshevik Jew was invented to cover up own incompetence, cowardice and betrayal of own people. Hm, what does this situation remind me of? Something very recent, something still in the news in America, ah, yes—Russiagate. 

So, let's take a look then at this proverbial RKMP (you know, the Russia which was lost under the sound of crunch of a French baguette), as this Orthodox Christian "Paradise", in order to understand that the whole progress of Russian history since Peter The Great lead her through several modernizing impulses until it, finally, resulted in 1917 cataclysm the scale of which is simply beyond the grasp of most Americans. And you know me, I hope, by now—I do not discuss any serious historic issues outside warfare paradigm, any discussion outside this paradigm is exercise in futility and sheer incompetence. But I already warned about this—projection onto Russia does not work and will never work. So, let's start...

To Be Continued….            

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