Friday, October 26, 2018

For Russian Audience Mostly (Sadly, No English Subtitles).

Yasha Kedmi 3 days ago certainly used some new argumentation (correct one, I may add, wink, wink) around American grand-strategy in post-WW II period till today. Kedmi, is a former Nativ (equivalent of General's rank) head and a very noticeable figure in Israel.

Yakov is also a very notable figure in Russia's media sphere and he understands that, in the end, Israel's real security will be decided between Tel-Aviv and Moscow, not Tel-Aviv and Washington D.C. I guess his combat and intelligence experiences serve him right in identifying (most of the time correctly) dominant trends in geopolitics, plus, of course, he knows who actually stopped Holocausts, all of them, including Jewish one, and how. Sadly, for Anglophone audience, there are no English subtitles to his passionate statement on the real conventional continental warfare and its relation to the United States, but his statement surprisingly resonates with one recently published book, if you know what I mean;-) The issue is simple and I quote from this book: 
War, a bloody and gory midwife of a nation’s cohesion, largely spared the United States and the American obsession with weapons can be viewed in part as a longing for a missing formative factor of most modern nations.
But this is a whole other topic related to formulating grand-strategies and the one, I am hoping, to elaborate more  in the next book, if I ever, dammit, will have time to complete half-ready synopsis and introduction to this new one. Nah, the work still progresses, however slowly, because I am facing a new paradigm for myself and it is not easy to adjust to it. In the end, I want this blog and its free content for everyone keep going both as exposition of my feeble thoughts and allowing people to communicate. I may try, though, to submit some things for pay in some publications (a pocket change for buying a better Bourbon or a really nice cigar, once in a while), but mostly I want this project to continue and energetically at that.  Meanwhile it is Friday and I am ready to take my weekend after chaotic week. 

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