Friday, October 12, 2018

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (c)

Above is the quote from Danish newspaper which, when translated, sounds like this in English:
We live in illiberal times. Group thinking, convergence and a steadily narrower sense corridor have highlighted public debate in Denmark. Each week brings new disturbing examples. Recent attempts to make the Danish opinion corridor narrower are a bill to "strengthen efforts against illegal influences from foreign intelligence services" with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison if the crime is committed during an election campaign. The proposal is aimed at attempts to influence public opinion formation in Denmark and concrete decisions in both the private and public sectors.
 If you want to have a full English version of otherwise for pay article you may retroactively translate it in English from Russian here (famous Russian resource InoSmi-Foreign Media). It is stunning and it is full on 1984. Europe slides towards Orwellian reality for a long time now and it is getting there with acceleration. Prosecution for alternative political point of view not may but will become official in EU (of course, under pretext of Russian "hybrid war") soon. In fact, this practice is already partially implemented. 

This whole thing contrasts with recent statement by not very bright, as I stated many times before, Federika Mogherini who continues to live in La-La Land of refined drugs and insists that: 

I, of course, have some news for her--no, it is not. European Union may still produce some hip things and it is still a wonderful cemetery of fine things architecturally, art and food wise but it is not "cultural superpower" since in the foundation of the modern EU are degenerate values of multiculturalism, political correctness, emasculation, radical feminism, latent acceptance of pedophilia, complete sexual deviance, plus other things which culturally define European Union today. Europe is still capable of producing, here and there, some technological things but, as Elena Chudinova and, later, Houllebecq, wrote--it will end with submission to Islam in some places or with complete emasculation in others where the lines between man and woman will evaporate. After all the age of the third, fourth and even fifth gender is upon us. This is a cultural heritage European Union wants to leave to us all.

So, speaking in plain language, which sophisticated Mogherini can hardly understand--European Union is a cultural shithole and unless some nationalist forces come to power (it might be already too late) it will collapse completely first as a viable civilization, which is "culture writ large", and with it economic collapse will follow. I think, Donald Trump, at least partially, bets on this, especially hoping to shove down European "elites" throats his version of "energy independence" which must kill off any competitiveness of EU products, this is not to speak of China doing her thing with OBOR trying to overwhelm EU market with its consumer products. The piece in Danish newspaper is just another, using Pink Floydian language, brick in the wall. The wall will have to come up eventually to protect what's left of European civilization in Eastern Europe from the filth trickling from EU towards Urals. But yes, new Bill in Danish Parliament will be a great tool to beat down any voice of dissent among cowardly European population (with pleasant exception of Germans from former GDR, namely Chemnitz) on the way to the dystopian apocalyptic nirvana. 

But that is what also comes to mind in relation to the US--there is STILL a Constitution and there are those amendments which are the last barricade on the path of utter political degeneracy which threatens to abolish not only free thinking but free will as well. But that is what makes America worth at least trying to save, to right it. I don't see same for Europe, at least not yet. But in a bizarre and grimly ironic twist of my life I am forced to repeat again--I never thought that I would feel free in Russia. But modern Russia is freer than EU on so many levels that it, indeed, becomes an existential question--how could we admire them in 1970s and 80s? And yes, in good ol' USA I still can blow the brains out of any intruder and not face punishment and I can still say things I think because the US is also much freer than EU, at least for now.         

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