Thursday, October 25, 2018

Some Fast Geopolitcal Thoughts On The Run.

I seldom mention The National Interest as an expert publication--it is not--but when Colonel Daniel Davies or Douglas Macgregor publish their thoughts there I read them. So, Douglas Macgregor is Breaking The Phalanx yet again when states in his TNI's piece that:

He then elaborates: 
Last week, President Donald Trump directed his cabinet secretaries to cut 5 percent from their budgets for the next fiscal year, signaling a potential a 2.2 percent cut in defense spending. Trump specifically mentioned the defense budget saying, “I made deals with the devil in order to get that done because we had to improve our military. Our military was depleted. It was in bad shape.”
Translation: Get ready. “America first” in foreign and defense policy is about to begin. Defense cuts are on the way. The cuts aren’t coming as the result of a dispassionate Eisenhower-style strategic defense review or because current defense funds are being squandered on equipment and forces we don’t need. They are coming because the international system has changed and the U.S. government is sliding deeper into debt .
And finishes with a doom-spelling scenario for Pentagon bureaucrats who already arranged their retirement on executive boards and "consultant" sinecures of Military Industrial Complex big corporate movers and shakers:
Whether the generals and admirals like it or not, the U.S. Armed Forces will be compelled to reorganize and “right-size” for the United States’ real security needs without the inefficiencies and massive overhead in the current force structure
Let's be very honest--much of the American military in the second half of the 20th and especially 21st century was built around US Dollar as a main global reserve currency. In fact, the world largely financed US economy and, with it, its military through what (strangely how coincidental with Macgregor's today's piece) Ivan Danilov in Ria calls America's Absolute Weapon--a US Dollar Vacuum Cleaner (in Russian). This weapon is broken, it was for some time, just not everybody wanted to hear (or read) about it. The chickens, however, are coming home to roost. I've been preaching this gospel openly since 2014, including the fact that real American economy, while still large, is much smaller than it is officially presented.

So, the main issue thus is what is the "right size" of the US military? It is an extremely difficult question to answer since, before this question could be answered, a much larger one must be asked--what REAL national interests of the United States of America are. Good luck answering this one against the background of a complete mental breakdown of a nation--courtesy of its so called "elites". But this question MUST be answered. I know only part of this answer. And that brings us to another point--I am finishing John Mearsheimer's latest The Great Delusion, and while I am sympathetic to Measheimer's brand of Realism, I still have some huge issues with the way some of his argument is presented. How about him repeating Fukuyama's ignorant statement that Liberalism as system defeated Fascism. Really? Then there are other things related to the issues of power, but I will make a very brief review of the book later. 

It is clear in the nearest future that America will become poorer, in fact the progress towards a much more frugal and less "wealthy" existence is tangible. The signs of it are everywhere and material expression of an American Dream is long dead. What's left is a fight for what remains of an American soul, there is still a lot of good what remains but it is different America, not of the large urban centers. We all here either avoid Balkanization with as little blood as possible or the country will break up and then we will have a gigantic issue of some, far from benevolent, newcomers fighting for control of the American vast nuclear arsenal. It is a nightmarish scenario globally. I am about to go out on a limb and propose--get Trump this last chance, let him (well, GOP) retain majority after mid-terms, then, after that, we will pass a final judgement. It is obvious that Democrats are going to plunge country into the civil unrest and, possibly, civil war if they bring their suicidal plans to fruition. In that case the issue of cuts will be the least of the problems for all of us.    

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