Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Statement On Russia-Insider.

For a while now, the site Russia-Insider (RI) was using my name and some of my posts for the benefits of its readership. From the onset, the publishing policy of Russia-Insider seemed rather peculiar--they published a lot of materials from a so called Russian White Immigration's position and this position was primarily to present Russia's modern (XX century) history as a result of the Jewish conspiracy to overthrow some kind of Christian Orthodox paradise by Bolsheviks. In some sense Russia-Insider in this position is very close to famous falsifier of Russian history Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I looked at RI using my blog posts (renamed by RI) with little concern. Today, however, things changed. 

In today's publication at RI, titled:

This Acclaimed 1926 Novel by a Tsarist General Blames Jews for the Revolution (Double Eagle, Red Flag - Krasnoff)

RI and the author of this rubbish Mark Boden (whoever he is) not only continued a tradition of a-historic falsification (a method widely used by Solzhenitsyn) of Russia's history, they decided to do it by means of referencing Brigadenfuhrer SS Ataman Pyotr Krasnov. Here is this "White" general (who had no inhibitions of abandoning his Czar Nicholas II and moving easily to serve liberal government of Kerensky) on the service of Nazi Reich--exactly the same time when he was calling on "Russian Orthodox Hitler" and fought on Nazi Germany's side against, allegedly, so loved by him Russia. 
Brigadenfuhrer SS Krasnov
This fact of official WW II war-criminal serving as a very high-ranking officer of the war-criminal organization, SS, is no problem for whoever this Mr. Boden is. It is the same as no problem for fans of Solzhenitsyn-the-falsifier reading his statistical "sources" on Bolshevism which, for some unknown reason for the Nobel Prize Winner are merely a single "professor" Kurganov, Nazi collaborator and a good propagandist for Goebbels. Surely "reliable" sources. Somehow, RI and its Russia "historians" never heard of another representative of Russian White Immigration General Denikin who flatly refused any collaboration with Nazis despite very real threat to himself and his family. Not only was he a great writer, he was a Russian man of honor, unlike Nazi scum Krasnov, Shkuro or Vlasov. 
In light of this: I categorically forbid RI under any circumstances to use my name or any of my posts in this blog on their web-site. My family, as well of my wife's, as well as of tens of millions of other Russian families lost many our closest and dearest relatives as a direct result of war, both on the fronts and in the rear, because of the Nazi Germany and Axis genocidal war against historic Russia. I am not going to be associated with some money-grabbing self-proclaimed "insider" which has no even a remote grasp of Russia's XIX-XX century history, nor has required qualifications to make even remotely sound judgement on Russia's past, present or the future. 
I will expand on "Bolshevik Jewish" issue later. It seems this Jewish Question now got to me. If you want to see what it is to argue with brainwashed people, you may visit my discussion at Unz here.

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