Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Revelation" Mode.

Vladimir Putin at Valdai today drops a bomb. 
Translation: "I don't know, I probably wouldn't open a huge secret, it will become known one way or another. We are helping our Chinese partners to create (SRPN) Missile Attack Early Warning System. This is a very serious system, which radically increases China's defensive capabilities. Currently only Russia and the United States have such systems."

This is stunning, honestly. It also answers a gigantic host of questions about the future of Eurasia and of Europe, and the United States. This also, especially in a view of Russia successfully shooting down hyper-sonic targets by S-400s, begs an irresistible question--what are OTHER technologies Russia is not talking about, considering the fact that she helps to completely redefine China's defensive capabilities. It is also funny against the background of lament of Russia getting ready to export (in Russian) her latest radar Rezonans-NE (E stands for export) capable of detecting any types of targets, including hypersonic ones (which are extremely difficult to detect, unlike "Stealth") at the over-horizon ranges up to 1,100 kilometers. 

It is also funny how it coincided with famous political and ideological opportunist such as Sergei Karaganov stating what I am writing about for years (in Russian): Defending the World May Become  Russia's New Mission. I would say, I would start with dissolution of Karaganov's current place of employment--High School of Economics (VShE), a malignant cancerous growth on Russia's academe and the body of higher educational facilities. But never mind, these people will always find someone who would pay them. Yet, even Karaganov and Suslov in their latest Report on "New Understanding and Ways To Improve Multilateral Strategic Stability" (Новое понимание и пути укрепления     огосторонней стратегической стабильности) arrive to a very mature conclusion, on page 27. Listing threats to global strategic stability they declare next: Особая проблема–падение интеллектуального и морального уровня элит многих стран. Идет антимеритократический отбор. В руководство пришли люди телевизионного поколения, склонные немедленно реагировать на новости и «картинку», и о ней более всего и заботящиеся. Они не способны к стратегическому и даже оперативному мышлению, по нарастающей безответственны. Особенно заметны эти процессы в современных демократиях. При этом на подходе «поколение айфонов», у которого эти недостатки развиты, видимо, еще сильнее.
Translation: "A special problem is a decline of intellectual and moral level of elites in many nations. The anti-meritocratic selection is ongoing. People of TV generation are making now to the political top, they are inclined to react immediately to the news and TV "picture", they also care about this picture most of all. They are not capable of strategic and even operational thinking, they are increasingly irresponsible. These processes are most pronounced in modern democracies. Moreover, the "iPhone" generation is nearing, those failings are even more acute among them."

If you think that this is about POTUS think again--have you taken a look at Western Media and governments as of lately? Do you see there anyone who can be taken seriously as any partner in any negotiations let alone be trusted with anything? I see nobody but infantile, badly educated, power-hungry ignoramuses and, as I stated not for once, I feel much calmer when Gerasimov and Milley talk directly, per Western  political top--what's the point of talking? That is why Russia and China are taking unprecedented steps in making sure that some nutjob thinks twice before deciding that his degree in law or in political science makes him (or her) eligible to make decisions on the most serious matters of global war and peace. But in the end, still, what a stunning development.

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