Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I Couldn't Miss This.

As a father of two, as a long time tutor-teacher to many wonderful kids in the United States and on whose life, I know, I had a positive influence--I know, I have them writing and thanking me for what I did for them--it was impossible to miss. My blood boils, when I see and read this. 
We now find ourselves amidst an epidemic of perversion as disturbing content is shared far and wide by today’s major media. One of the most distressing subjects is the sexualization of children. From gaming websites to news organizations, children are now props in a war on decency. Just last December, Desmond, an 11-year-old boy who has been described by Good Morning America as “trailblazing,” twirled around on stage in female attire as men whooped and hollered and threw money his way. That isn’t a one-off instance. Throughout the past couple of years, other similar incidents have begun to stack up. A 10-year-old drag queen named Lactatia released a photo earlier this year that showed him smiling as he stood next to a naked 27-year-old man. Another photo from the same shoot shows the young boy spreading his legs wide on a couch wearing a black dress and fishnet stockings.
This either stops or it will end really bad. Destroying childhood with lowest of the low perversion, pushing for normalization of pedophilia--this is what contemporary West has become. Once sexual deviance has become a norm it was inevitable that the West is on its way to oblivion. 

Just few days ago, West's "favorite" Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky died. In an ironic twist he died being already in the rank of pedophile who had thousands of pornographic images of children on his computer. He, of course, blamed Russia's intelligence for "uploading" them on his PC. Yet, he always did fit the type. It was almost a non-event when those images were found on his PC. It is not surprising really that many of the Soviet/Russian "dissidents" had (or have) some form of perversion oozing through them. No wonder many wanted to immigrate to the West--they knew. Today, we are facing an attack on a fundamental value of civilization--taboo on harming children sexually. As author of the piece at RT concludes:
At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Western values and societal norms are being tarnished from within. Behaviors once rightfully looked down and spat upon are becoming increasingly common; a feat accomplished due to a media accomplice that praises such actions as progressive. But what they highlight as liberation from gender stereotypes and norms has turned into nothing more than a grotesque parody of what we were always warned would occur. In the ‘90s, a common argument in opposition to gay marriage was that it was a slippery slope. The logic went that if men could marry men, and women marry women, it’d lead to polyamory, bestiality, pedophilia, and every other ill the human mind can devise. As an LGBT individual myself, I heavily disagreed. I still do. Although, these days it’s become an increasingly unstable platform to support. 
At least it is good that this "instability" is being acknowledged--it is a slippery slope into something that leads to hell. After all, it is so cute to marry one's own horse. At least it is not a bicycle, yet. I don't know should we "celebrate" this? The West either rises against this crime against innocents, while it still has a chance, or it is done completely and it is a lost cause and we can say confidently: good riddance.

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