Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zircon Will Be Deployed.

It is this phrase by Putin at 1:15 in Rossiya report from the newest Project 20385 Corvette which made a a splash in Russia and not only, I would say.

So, will Gremyaschiy be the first corvette with 3M22 Zircon? I stress it--corvette, not frigate. We know Project 22350 Frigates of Gorshkov-class will have Zircons as a main (together with 3M14 SLAMs)  strike weapon. But this is a revelation of sorts and it is not about 3C14 UKSK (VLS) common for both frigates and corvettes, it is the fact that 3M22 is coming into IOC pretty soon. Indeed, Kazan is planned for underwater launch of Zircon sometime early next year, which is literally, beyond the corner. As per how this M=8+ missile is going to change naval warfare I wrote not for once.

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