Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Short Note On Covid-19-2.0

Let's recall what I wrote exactly one month ago on this Covid-19 pandemic. Let me remind you:
I am former military--I cannot act on unverified data, hell, I am presently (well, standby layoff) in aerospace and I cannot act on unverified data, because I am the one who decides what materials and parts are good and which are not, because people's lives depend on that. For that I ran a lab which has a shitload of funny technology which deals with uncertainties. So, if to put it into the most primitive form--I spent most of my adult life, from military to civilian capacity, dealing with the issues of metrology, statistical analysis and developing information into knowledge. Well, Stanford University has a world class medical school and look what they say:
Guess what, the death rate is NOT lower, it is ORDER OF MAGNITUDE lower. Moreover, Russian Vzglyad today comes out with a piece titled symptomatically:  
Китай подставился в информационной битве с Америкой
       China framed herself in Informational battle with the US. 

Why, you may ask? Very simple--the issue is not that China under-reported the number of deaths from Covid-19, as it turned out by 1290, total number being 3,869. Those 1200+ Covid-19 related deaths were not included initially into statistics. But that is not what is a wowser. As it turned out, the Chairman of the National Health Commission Me Fen reported that only 20% of tested had symptoms while other 80% (five times more) were asymptomatic and were not reported initially, which makes the scale of pandemic much larger. It also makes it dramatically less deadly. Multiply those confirmed 82,000 with symptoms by five and you get 410,000 infected, and even this number can be grossly understated, but which also makes death rate from virus is 3,869/410,000 x 100 = 0.94%, more than 3 times lower than initially was projected. And this is, mind you, in an extremely dense population center in China. Many Russians are not happy. Understandably so. Initial numbers were in the foundation of many (not all) decisions which were made on state level. What are the sources of this virus is a whole other story, but as I stated, I concluded for myself that the Covid-19 is not a biological weapon. Evidently in Stanford statistics this "weapon" is less deadly than seasonal flu.    

As I stated earlier, I will still reserve my opinion on the origin of this Covid-19 situation but, if your read my comments, I was in no way distraught over the fact that Trump defunded WHO. Even RT gave the tribune to such an opinion. 
So, we may face ahead even larger adjustments which will change statistics of Covid-19 and social outlook dramatically. I don't think China necessarily lied, I think Chinese were simply trying to feed info as it was unfolding  and WHO did "cry wolf" before. Swine flu, remember? So, take it anywhere you want but do not forget which US political party is tightly connected to supranational structures under UN auspices and represents radically globalist.... Oops, I misspoke, never mind, never mind, wink, wink.   

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