Friday, April 17, 2020

And It Is Such A Surprise... Not.

Germans are consolidating their industries. Yes, this was so unexpected, wink, wink. 
But, but, how about all those supranational EU aspirations and this whole European unity thingy. Some are lamenting:
The idea of a unified German naval industry cluster runs counter to the narrative that the European defense market should focus less on national retrenchment and instead bank more on efficiencies through cross-continental mergers.
Oh no, this is a very wrong POV. It is not "counter" it is "naturally", because, as was predicted by many--nation-state remains and will continue to be the main subject of international relations, and thus of geopolitics. All those supranational organizations such as EU or NATO are nothing more than moribund useless bureaucracies set up by globalists and today they are losing their appeal really really fast. As they say in Russia: own shirt is closer to the body and suddenly feels the urge to think about.... Germany first. The era of national egoism or egoisms, rather, is upon us. But as with many things in this life--crisis is not just the time of grief, of course it is, but also the opportunity. Germans taking care of their own industry--sounds absolutely natural, I would say even organic. Russia does the same. Recall what a mammoth modern Russia's OSK (Unified Shipbuilding Corporation) is. Speaking of which: evidently updated (7th and 8th) hulls of project 22350 Frigates Admiral Amelko and Admiral Chichagov will carry additional 8 cells (3C-14) on board thus allowing them to carry up to 24 3M22 Zircons (in Russian). I don't think they will carry that many of this specific type, but just the whole notion of some platform out there in the ocean being able to launch 24 hypersonic weapons at the enemy is rather terrifying, for the enemy, of course. But in general, I think we will see more and more measures of state regulations in industries which are strategic for developed nations. Including, especially so, in a defense sector and that may see some really bizarre alliances emerging in the nearest future.

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