Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sergei Viktorovich, Help!

You know what's coming, right? 
Elon Musk's ventilator giveaway may do more harm than good. After weeks of brushing off the COVID-19 pandemic as "dumb," the billionaire Tesla founder earlier this week announced he had 1,000 "FDA-approved ventilators" and ended up donating 40 to New York City's hospital system. Except the devices Musk gave away aren't powerful enough to use in the ICU, and health officials have actually warned against using them on COVID-19 patients because they could spread the virus further. What Musk purchased and gave to New York's hospitals were BiPAP machines made by ResMed, a photo shared by the hospital system reveals. ResMed CEO Mick Farrell later confirmed Musk's purchase of 1,000 5-year-old "bi-level, non-invasive ventilators" known as BiPAPs to CNBC, and said it was "fantastic" that Tesla could transport ResMed's product like it did.
Start you watches, ladies and gentlemen, before possible (I am not saying that it will necessarily happen, at least I hope not) Elon Musk Witnesses Cult starts its "defense campaign" of their "engineering genius". 
Let me now show how CPAP/BiBap machines differ from actual artificial ling machines. Here is a one by Philips, you can get this device for around $3,500 and can use it yourself. This is an expensive one, you can own one for around $1,100. Now, observe, what Russia delivered yesterday (you can see markings of Aventa clearly on the boxes) to the United States--a professional artificial lungs with not only the ability to provide required pressure and delivery of oxygen to damaged lungs but also monitor (and diagnosing) up to 40 different parameters, crucial for survival of the patient. This is one of the models of Aventa--a Russian brand developed and produced at Urals Instrumentation Plant, the one which recently stated that it is ready to drastically increase production from 300 units a month to 3,000. Russia has three such companies manufacturing these lung machines.
These are expensive machines which cost in excess of $16,000 and require professional nurses to operate them. There is an Aventa model which actually provides, through innovative design (especially filters), the plug-in for four patients simultaneously, those machines also provide critical support to toddlers too. Those, I recon, are even more expensive. I know, I know, Elon Musk is a space-time continuum thinker and may not know the difference between CPAP machines and serious professional medical equipment for critical patients, but to attach Tesla's sticker on something Tesla didn't produce--that is rich, my friends. It is also pathetic. It is so embarrassing for any normal human that one is left without words when looking at this snake-oil peddler carpetbagger's posturing pretending that he is more than just a figurehead for Obama Admin's attempt, by recruiting NASA and Military-Industrial Complex engineers and designers, to peddle its suicidal "green" agenda by promoting new "Steve Jobs" for the consumption of physics-mathematics challenged Public Relations, Communications and other office plankton academic majors, who would buy any of Musk's (and Tesla's) BS about upcoming saving of the world.... ah, wait, Bureau of Labor Statistics on-line. What do you say? No demand for majors in Communications or PR? Nobody can afford overpriced homicidal Tesla? Say it ain't so. Well, it is what it is, another day, another Musk's "genius moment" for the consumption of the same type of idiots who camp in a front of Apple stores before the release of the new model of... whatever the fvck Apple manufactures NOT in the United States. Hey, at least they have the right to attach their own stickers to an overpriced junk they sell.   

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