Saturday, April 11, 2020

When Shit Hits The Fan Literally.

I am not kidding you. This is real and is very emblematic of present day FUBAR economic state.
Most of us here knew that the season of flying excrement was coming--most of my writing is dedicated precisely to this substance hitting the fan--we just didn't know when the winds of history will provide enough lift to vector those masses of crap towards rotating blades of human mischief and stupidity. Now the time has come. Yet, celebrities still think that they matter. One of them, Food Channel regular Andrew Zimmern decries the lack of the "healthy food".  
My only reaction to this, granted that I am all for healthy eating habits, is NO SHIT. Dude, do you know that there already food riots in southern Italy because all those migrants who were tending fields decided not to test their luck and left back for their native shores. Now, I cannot imagine all those urban Trader Joe's addicted, orange mocha frappuccino seeping, latest gadget using hipsters volunteering to work in the fields to provide for ANY food, let alone some allegedly healthy, "organic" overpriced one. Let them experience what is it to live without access to regular, non-organic, potatoes, carrots, chicken, meat of fish. For starters. Let them experience what real hunger is (I know, been there, done that) when one gets up hungry and goes to sleep in the same state, having one acceptable meal a day because there are shortages of everything. Let's start the stopwatch before their "healthy diet" ideology dies with disappearance of any food, forget one which is allegedly "healthy". Whopper with cheese and large french fries from Burger King sound and feel extremely enticing after 48 hours of involuntary dieting, after 96 hours it is the ONLY thing one will dream about--this is what real economic crisis does to one.

I think, the US agricultural sector is still fully capable to provide crucial food staples and I am sure that empty shelves in some grocery stores around America are a temporary phenomenon, but we also have to see it clearly that this balance between NEED and WANT in food will also be restored one way or another, not least through the wiping off the class of people whose occupations and professions are utterly useless and that means precisely the category of an urban hipster office plankton who are into all kinds of "healthy diets" and browsing urban food scene where they are treated to eclectic, overpriced and highly unsatisfactory cuisine, which, nevertheless, is "hip". Believe me, I experienced this first hand, in the end I live very close to Seattle, the source of all kinds of abominations starting from grunge music, to Bill Gates and armies of hipsters who are an exhibit A of a major cause for a "decline of Western civilization".  But extreme NEED, such as in food, usually fixes the situation either by a severe "attitude adjustment" of generation or simply wiping out those parts of it who still think that they know better. They don't and they are about to experience all joys of the world where they are not needed both for human and professional qualities, or, rather, lack thereof. 

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