Sunday, April 26, 2020

China Is In Danger;)

Because they used the "advice" from McKinsey & Company. I am being facetious, of course, but there is a grain of truth in this otherwise exaggerated claim. I ran this morning into Tucker's rant about them:
While Tucker uses those many tropes about American Century, he, actually, is correct in pointing out not just McKinsey & Company's "consulting practices" but in general giving a bottom line of most US "consulting" services and think-tanks because their "consultations", almost without exceptions, tend to end in disasters. It is inevitable when consultations are produced by people who have a single frame of reference and this one is of sheer incompetence planted into the fertile soil of American exceptionalism and profit only driven "economics". 

At this stage, one has to ask the question of why anyone in their own mind would ever need any "consultation" from any US consulting service, when these people are not able to consult themselves on proper bowel movement, forget developing any strategic concept grounded in reality which would allow to produce valuable suggestions which do not end up in some mess on a massive scale. Enough to take a look at the current state of the United States to recognize that American "expertise" across the broad range of issues is simply non-existent, in policy-development field it is a down-right fraud. Even some American observers who could hardly be called revisionists towards the United Sates can not deny this fact anymore, including sheer incompetence of US media and, especially so, people who can develop a viable foreign policy towards such nations as Russia. Recall:
This is the point I am trying to convey for years. Russians know that US "expertise" is a shady concept, as a result there are no American "consulting" on any serious policy issues in Russia. Especially policies related to serious national security issues, among which is real economy. But why China did employ and continues to do so such "advisors" as the company Tucker is talking about? I think we need, for that, to take a look at still very considerable "Americanization" of Chinese view of the world which still continues to manifest itself in different facets of China's activity. I can, with moderate degree of competence, state about manifestations in military and scientific field in regards to China. Enough to take a look at Chinese efforts to build aircraft carrier-centric navy when having no experience or technologies to do so properly, this is if to avoid talking about overall fallacy of Chinese maritime strategy since China lags dramatically behind the US Navy in submarine technology and Russia is not selling her latest to China. I wrote about it. Yet, military is not the only field in which China actually copies the United States. How about recalling this absolutely bizarre fact

It was my contention for years that China, for all her very real impressive economic achievements, will be struggling at finding her own self at the global arena where details matter. Did anyone here check when was the last manned space flight by China? I did--4 years ago. Anyone here has an idea about the fate of COMAC-919? Don't expect it entering service any time soon. These are China's weak spots, strategic weak spots, of which very few people are willing to talk openly with facts on hand. China could not have emerged in the last 25 years other than a some iteration of the United States, which willingly transferred American industry to the Chinese shores, with it came a necessity for China to be consulted in the "American ways" of doing business which was and still is in place despite China's final recognition in 2019 that the United States is an enemy. This will require China to seriously reconsider many practices and views which were imported from the United States, thus reducing dependence of the American "expertise" and advise, especially when given by such frauds as McKinsey & Company, who are, as most US think-tanks into making money selling BS, while having very little, if any, real expertise.This calls for thinking for themselves, a good practice for new world which emerges. 

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