Friday, April 24, 2020

Globalization Which Is Good (Friday).

If there is one benefit of globalization which can be pointed out as one of the most important ones in humanity's history--it is internet. It opened an incredible opportunity for truly global conversation. Granted, some parts of this "conversation" are not that civil or productive, but others? here is my old hero Aldo Nova doing the song which got me acquainted with his music, yes, 37 years ago. He does it with his band completely on-line. 
I love this sound. But then you can go to the latest clip by Otava Yo (with English subtitles) and you get people across the world enjoying their music and saying pleasantries to each-other, most notably: Russian-Polish and Russian-American (and Anglos) love fests. 
In the end, I open daily my blog's "audience" stats and find out that thousands of people across the world, different ethnicities, religions, races read and converse here. I guess we all can live with such globalization, moreover, we may need it and we may not even know now full significance (and effect) of this global exchange.  Boy, do I sound like a... hippy, LOL. And I don't even sip on my Jack. 

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