Monday, April 13, 2020

Now I Saw It All.

For starters--I love this guy. He is amazing in his grasp of Dune epic and is joy to listen to. I am subscribed to his channel on Youtube and went today to get my updates on the new Dune movie.  
And while enjoying it I was dropped to the floor by discovering that The National Interest which was turning into tabloid for years now got itself into the... Dune universe. Get a load of this:
Oh, goodness, no "technology" in Dune, like faster than light space travel, which sure as hell doesn't qualify as "technology", right? Obviously lack of computing power wiped out in a Butlerian Jihad somehow should make, in accordance to the author:
Otherwise, we’ll have to hope it has terrific special effects and a music score equal to what John Williams produced for Star Wars. Lacking that, Dune is destined to be another crashing bore, because the actual characters in the story are not very relatable or likable.
Evidently, former Lt.Colonel James Carafano, doesn't understand the difference between cosmic fairy tale of Star Wars, which lobotomized Sci-Fi genre (not to mention borrowing heavily from Dune, admitted by none other that Lucas himself) and actual Sci-Fi which Dune, certainly, is. Not to mention that relatability of Dune to modern movie-goers is absolutely irrelevant here--Dune is not for consumers of woke Star Wars, Wonder Woman and other woke and talent-less PC shit being poured over the heads of infantile cretins who never left their childhood even when in their 30s. If they don't get it--fvck them, life will (already) teach them a serious social lesson on how to relate to real manhood, or femininity, sacrifice, friendship and love, things these people hardly know about. 
Dune is not for them, it is for those who appreciate real life, with all its complexities and, often, horror, conveyed through what arguably could be called the Sci-Fi equivalent of War and Peace which is classic for a simple reason--remaining relatable for normal people throughout centuries, with or without smart-phone in their hands or ability to grasp how firing solution is developed in missile, because it is the story of a human, in the end. But I am sure Mr. Carafano is aware of that, right? For everything else, there is Star Wars. After all we all can make it to the movie theater in less than 12 parsecs. 

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