Tuesday, November 17, 2020

This Is Pure... Gold.

Not that we didn't know that Mitt Romney is an unprincipled power-hungry prostitute, but I like how this was phrased. 

Basically, Judy Shelton views gold as it was always viewed prior to Nixon's 1971 "Gold Embargo" and other currency machinations which lead to the state of US economy which we all observe today. Mechanism of US financing its economy through US budget deficit was launched. US started to "tax" other nations and went from the economy of the "need" to the economy of the "want". Oh, it worked fine through 1990s until, as we all know, US decided to move her industries abroad and the rest is history. At this stage, anything which questions America's pure money "printing" is an anathema to America's "shareholders", many of who, frankly, do not give a damn if the US collapses tomorrow or exists as a viable state for a few years longer. As long, as they think, they have their fat accounts and real estate away from ANTIFA and BLM cultural enrichment they think they are fine. Hey, I just throw a shit here against the wall trying to see what sticks. Truth is, America which is tied to gold standard will find out really fast that most of her GDP is an inflated BS and will see her economy shrink catastrophically. This is why even mentioning of gold as a standard is a thought-crime in modern day America. Shelton learned it today a hard-way. 

In related news, Obama released his memoirs recently (I didn't read them, nor am I intent to) and apart from complaining about Israelis basically running the US (nothing new here, really) foreign and domestic policies--Phil Giraldi gives a good overview at Unz (the site is down currently)--our friend Laurent Parodi directed my attention to another Obama's revelations and those are... pure gold. 

If it wants to be taken seriously on the world stage, Russia should take a leaf out of Washington’s book and deploy more of its soldiers in other countries. That’s according to former US President Barack Obama.In his new book, ‘A Promised Land’, the two-term president claimed that while Russia has “a nuclear arsenal second only to our own,” the country “wasn’t a superpower anymore,” as it “lacked the vast network of alliances and bases that allowed the United States to project its military power across the globe.”Despite this view, Obama vented frustration at how effectively Moscow had been able to oppose many of Washington’s diplomatic goals. In particular, he bemoaned that “when US-backed initiatives came before the UN Security Council … Russia blocked them or watered them down.”
Yes, we know. This is what one gets when the country chooses a lawyer by education and a community organizer by occupation as its President. I thought (at least I wanted to) that Obama's 2008 election was a watershed moment in the US history. It was a watershed moment, alright. Not the one I, as well as very many others, expected. By 2012 it was clear that Obama was a mediocrity and a feeble-minded figure-head, who not only wrecked Russian-American relations and laid down the foundation of the insanity which followed his caving in to neocons and interest groups in Syria and Ukraine, but he managed to damage the United States dramatically. By 2012 it was becoming increasingly clear that the guy was simply incompetent. Of course, you all remember his sacramental "Russia's economy is left in tatters". Now he parades his ignorance and frustration yet again, not understanding the nature of military power and its application. You say POTUS must have the understanding? No, the whole American political power class and even some fairly large segments of military do not have a grasp of what modern warfare against peer or near-peer is. This is not a theorem, it is an axiom, because the "power projection" is a euphemism for blowing shit somewhere. When and if the United States will decide to "project power" against Russia or China, then Obama should try again his definition of "superpower". Obviously, eight years in the White House taught him nothing. But then again, there are many US legislators whose ass developed a hardened uniform callus from abusing seats in both houses for decades--they also learned nothing. I am not being facetious, Senator Kennedy speaks for me. 
Let's face it, US was and is being run by a bunch of morons, who do not know shit from shinola, and the whole world, with the exception of even stupider and cowardly Euro "elites", can see that. But then again, Obama is a Nobel Prize winner, what do I really know...

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