Saturday, November 21, 2020

Old School Beautiful.

No, not Victoria Kosoglyadenko of TV Zvezda who did this report (you don't need to know Russian to understand what is going on--regular inspection of submerged part of the hull). But the Oliver H. Perry-class FFG flag-ship Alexandria which is now in service with Egyptian Navy still shows off its nice lines. The group of Egyptian ships arrived to naval base Novorossisk to hold joint exercises with Russia's Black Sea Fleet. 

And you can still enjoy the naval architectural beauty of old but gold American design--the nose silhouette of Perrys is gorgeous. Just plain beautiful. Below is the video of Alexandria and Admiral Makarov leaving Novorossiisk for exercise. 

In other related news, Small Missile Ship Odintsovo of Karakurt-class has been commissioned to Russia's Baltic Fleet and as you can see, this one is with fully operational navalised Pantsir-M, which is now capable to intercept high supersonic targets at distances of up to 40 kilometers, which allows even a group of 2-3 Karakurts deploy a robust air-defense in the area. 

New, 4,500 kilometer range 3M14 land attack and 1500 kilometer range anti-shipping 3M54 missiles and coming soon 3M22 Zircon make these ships a nightmare for any theater of operations. Vladimir Putin speaking to G-20 today (in Russian) about the risks the world faces warned about steady unemployment with further growth of poverty as the main danger. As you all know, this type of depression, and it is depression, cannot be resolved by pure "peaceful" means. For this collapse of the financial capitalism to not go full global and nuclear one needs this proverbial gun at the temple of those, from governments to creeps like Soros and other self-proclaimed "elites", to ensure that no stupid movements are allowed. This is what Russia's rearmament program is all about--blocking all possible paths to military escalation, especially when one considers the ignorance and a complete moral decay of modern Western decision makers.

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