Tuesday, December 14, 2021

While I Am Making New Video.

Here is excellent summary by Alexander about the clusterfuck which modern Germany is and what it accomplishes by means of her new foreign minister. Russians, obviously, laugh all the way to the bank and for all intents and purposes Russia has already returned, or is about to, her investment into NS2. 

You literally cannot make this shit up. 

In related news, many lament what they call Putin's coup in India.

Russia last week announced a major new energy cooperation deal with India that threatens the very core of the U.S.’s fightback strategy against Beijing’s and Moscow’s expansionism in the Middle East and beyond. The main hydrocarbons deal will be for Russia, via oil giant Rosneft, to supply almost 15 million barrels of crude to Indian Oil, by the end of 2022. Given the massive geopolitical ramifications of any sizeable oil deal, it was entirely legitimate for Igor Sechin, Rosneft chief executive officer and close friend of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to say of the deal that: “The signing of a new oil supply contract confirms the strategic nature of the long-term partnership between Rosneft and Indian Oil.”The deal takes on even more significance as it was just one part of 28 investment deals between Russia and India signed during the very recent visit of Putin himself to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. These covered a broad range of subjects, including not just oil, gas, and petrochemicals, steel, and shipbuilding, but also military matters.

Sechin is on record about the fate of USD as main currency in hydrocarbons trade, which, in his words, is very unreliable. Look it up, it is widely available through respectable news sources. Same as mythological calamity of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, which in reality is not that big of a deal, de-dollarization of oil trade is in progress and, really, the only decisive reason this didn't occur earlier was because the US would provide "attitude adjustment" by bombing the shit out of any country which has oil reserves, because oil reserves are primarily located in countries which cannot defend themselves. Russia and China, obviously, can and in our fast changing world, if it comes to it, Russia can provide necessary security guarantees to those who want to use other currencies in such a trade. 

Obviously, the dawning understanding that nothing could be done about it drives many in the US completely mad and makes them hysterical. Such as this specimen:

President Biden, more than a little bit upset by this other president and his amassing tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s border, says No and recently threatened sanctions in a trans-Atlantic video session with Putin. Biden is falling short, but gets that Ukraine is now an advancing democracy and wants to go its own way despite once being the most important part of Russia. Ukraine already is combating Russia-supported rebels, and Biden understands that Hungary, Poland and the Baltic states could be next in line for takeovers. The threat also is to Europe, just as Putin sees a threat to the new Soviet Union if he does not ward off NATO and Europe by making sure that certain border nations belong to him. Yes, it’s the case that Russia is dwindling in population and wealth, with the selling of gas and oil pretty much a definition of its limited economy. What it lacks in money, however, it makes up for in nuclear weaponry, enough to just maybe blow up half the universe, and the development of hypersonic missiles that the United States does not have.

This childish rubbish is characteristic of 90% of the US "journalism" and this tune about "dwindling population and wealth" is so out of whack, that one has to question mental abilities of this dude, Jay Ambrose:

Who, if being an ignoramus is not bad enough, passes for a "conservative" journo.  Well, there you go. Enjoy, while I am making my new video.

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