Saturday, December 25, 2021

Putin About Family and Happiness.

I can subscribe to all his words here and the importance of family and children. I slept today till 1:30 (13:30) PM after going to bed at midnight-13.5 hours of sleep. The reason? The peace--the whole family is together, everybody seems to be healthy and a day of calm ahead. Love, inner peace, family, children are the most important things in life, it is good to be financially secure, no doubt about it, but without both joy and obligation of motherhood and fatherhood--there is no society. 

Either culture extols family and survives or it is done, there is nothing in between. I like Thomas Sowell's discussion of love. 

Everything starts there, everything, the cycle of life and happiness, obviously considered within the framework of changing circumstances of our lives where tragedy also often lurks in the background, but that cannot be changed--it is just the way it is. Look at new Russian Constitution--everything is there in place to support the cycle of life. And I was immensely glad to hear Putin speaking about confusion among demographers, who, like many other in social "sciences" cannot provide a coherent forecast regarding demographic situation. In general, the culture which promotes promiscuity, makes it glamorous for girls to bu sluts and boys to look like freaks, such a culture is bound to collapse. 

In unrelated news. The United States sabotaged supplies of composite materials (e.g. Hexcell) for Russia's commercial aviation, so Russia... simply built a whole composite industry from the ground up and yesterday, new and serial production MC-21 flew with new Russian-made composite wing.  

4 serial MC-21 aircraft are already getting ready to join Rossiya Airline this coming year.  Per Provornyi pr. 20385 corvette, evidently the damage was primarily to composite superstructure, hull itself is fine and the contract has been removed from Severnaya Wharf and the decision is pending where the hull will be towed (Yantar, Kaliningrad or elsewhere) to be rebuilt (completed). Russian shipyards are freaking busy, all of them. So, it is not that easy of a decision. But, Russia continues to build newest nukes with a respectable speed. Generalissimo Suvorov was pulled out into the open today (in Russian)--it is yet another state-of-the-art SSBN of a modernized pr.955A (Borey-class) which will be going to the Pacific Fleet. 

Now the latest news about Admiral Chabanenko are altogether mystifying but it looks like it WAS modernized and should return to the fleet already as a mix between FFG and DDG with a truck load of newest missiles, we all know which ones.  Ah, yes:

Ah, good. As legendary Soviet FM Andrei Gromyko used to say:" Ten years of negotiations are better than one day of war." Agree, but this time the US doesn't have ten years, or even months.  

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