Friday, December 3, 2021

Great Piece From Dmitry Orlov...

At The Saker's blog. Cuts to the chase without unnecessary decorum. I agree with this piece wholeheartedly. 

Read the whole thing, which is written with typical Orlov's finesse. As I am on record non-stop in the past few years, for very many Westerners acquaintance with modern Russia can provide a massive cultural shock. Not only by increasing manifestation of the wealth, but by the atmosphere in which people are free. As any country, Russia has blemishes and is far from perfect but the vector is unmistakable. And then, there are Moscow and St. Petersburg--cities so dazzling in their beauty, scale and grandeur, that for many Westerners (and non-Westerners alike) the experience could be overwhelming, even life-changing, especially coming from the life dominated by russophobic propaganda in Western media. This is a soft power.

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