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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended talks with the US over procuring 50 F-35 fighter jets that were part of a $23 billion arms deal, expressing concerns over a restrictive end-user agreement, according to media reports. The plans to procure the 5th generation fighter jets have been sent for “re-assessment”, an unnamed UAE official told Reuters on Tuesday, confirming earlier reporting by the Wall Street Journal on a potential breakage of the deal.“Technical requirements, sovereign operational restrictions, and cost/benefit analysis led to the re-assessment,” the official said, adding that Washington still remains “the UAE's preferred provider for advanced defense requirements and discussions for the F-35 may be re-opened in the future.”The country has been reportedly seeking to “address mutual defense security conditions for the acquisition,” namely what it deemed an over-restrictive end-user agreement. The requirements have been reportedly set up by Washington over the cozy relationship Abu Dhabi enjoys with China, seeking to protect the cutting-edge planes from possible “espionage” attempts by Beijing.

Well, we need to call this "restrictive end-user agreement" for what it is--US doesn't sell F-35, it leases it for a scandalous sum of money for this flying contraption and countries which pay for F-35 do not obtain full rights to use these "super-pooper" aircraft for a number of defensive tasks. Yes, I see Israel's ears behind all that, but not only. Of course, China's espionage cannot be excluded. China as anyone else IS involved in the industrial espionage and, sure, Chinese may take an interest in this thing. But consider also some other realities, among which, is this:

This thing not only competes with F-35 in terms of all Netcentric Warfare, weapons and sensor bells and whistles, but knowing what Sukhoi is, one can bet one's own ass that when SU-75 starts to fly it will fly, alright. The way F-35 can only dream about. Moreover, once you buy it--it is yours. One can easily extrapolate what Russians do with their combat aviation today just by looking at the speed with which S-70 Okhotnik (Hunter) is being prepped for serial production in 2024 with the first contract for serial run of this UAV to be signed in the first half of 2022.
So, this is not just ANY advanced UAV, it is the ONLY UAV in the world capable of deep strike missions using all existing arsenal of heavy weaponry carried by Russia's Air Force latest fighters and, of course, it is capable of dog-fighting, controlling other drones (including swarms), be a loyal wing-man for SU-57. And if this hasn't been enough, it does look like SU-57 is capable of guiding long range missiles from AD complexes starting from S-400. In related news, they are going to sign additional contract for SU-57s to be deployed by 2024. Could it be that these facts contributed to UAE's decision to "reassess" and do "cost/benefit" analysis in regards to F-35? I'll go out on a limb here and say that it is highly probable. 

The US, however, will not stop and will continue with the pattern which emerged during AUKUS affair and will continue to twist hands and shove down the throat the products of US Military-Industrial Complex but the time is not on the US Military-Industrial Complex side. We can easily predict the emergence of new Russian air and missile-defense complexes soon--that is why Russia has not problems offering S-500 to India--and who knows what will Russia roll out in terms of air assets by 2030. The US and NATO sense this, that is why in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and Ryabkov had to warn Western "partners":

Russia could be forced to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles on its European territory in response to what it sees as NATO’s plans to increase the presence of atomic weapons on the continent, a top diplomat has claimed. In an interview with RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov insisted that if Western nations refuse to sign a moratorium on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) in Europe, Russia will be obliged to place the further West than is currently the case. Moscow has proposed the deal as part of a package of measures intended to defuse the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.“The absence of progress in the direction of a political-diplomatic solution to this problem will make it so that our response is military,” Ryabkov said. “That is, it will be a confrontation, the next round, the deployment of such tools from our side.”
Totally expected. It is also clear that the response will be hypersonic and there are some weapon systems we didn't see yet on Russia's side. 
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