Friday, December 17, 2021

We Haven't Done Fridays... (Beautiful Souls Worth Living For).

In a long time. But Christmas is approaching. And while the world gets more complex and violent, we should look at this:

Or get US "legislators" and "think-tankers "to recall this every day and force them to  imagine their families and loved ones (I doubt they can love...) on the receiving end. In the end, they can imagine themselves...they really do care about themselves.
But it is Friday and with Christmas approaching we have to start thinking that there is still a lot of good and truly beautiful in this world which allows us to carry one.  Here are some hopeful signs that not everything is corrupted. These are my soul sanctuaries....

Absolutely beautiful Sophia Claire:

Or people just enjoying being funny and creative. I love Cardboardia)))

These are all signs of human normality, creativity and being...human. Remember Dostoevsky--the beauty will save the world? Italians opened a monument to Dostoevsky in Florence, where he wrote his Idiot. There is a lot to enjoy this Christmas and there is still a lot of good we can see and take in. Just look at these Iranian women in Astara ( served not far from them) cooking something very special. 

Enjoy life: good food, good wine, good moment, love great woman, your home and children. Your friends. 

I always wanted to post this. A testimony to human creativity and craft--stunning really. Can you imagine people creating this?

So, because it is Friday...  enjoy miracles. 

This is the main reason I never watched the movie with Remi Malek.
Update: This is how you do a real music.
This is amazing, not speak of the original being 43 years old. ABBA set the music taste for the next century. I mean the 24th century, of course. 
And in conclusion for today a pure musical delight. It is so good, I don't have words to describe it. 
Always loved Allison (and her brother, check his album with Bill Frisel), the first time I heard and saw her at CMT in 1990s. And this old guy, from what's the name of this obscure band, kinda escapes me,  Zep Leppelin or something like that, what is his name, Robert Root, Bobby Green, or Plant or something like that;))

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