Monday, March 28, 2022

The End Of "Azov".

I want to reiterate, Azov is NOT a battalion--it is merely called such. In reality it was a Nazi formation numbering in many thousands (more like a reinforced brigade militarily wise) and served as a core of a 20,000 strong Mariupol grouping, which also included VSU formations. Azov "commissars" served as a deterrent in many VSU units making sure they do not want to surrender. Well, here is Azov's base and barracks taken by Russian forces:

The remnants of Azov and VSU (by different estimates between 2 and 3 thousands) are now all concentrated at the Azov Steel Plant and that is where they will all be annihilated with Russian-LDNR infantry merely blocking exits from this vast industrial site making sure no Nazi escapes. It is now Russian Air Force and thermobaric weapons shooting range and they will have a lot of fun. Especially after uncovering more and more evidence of mass-scale crimes against humanity by "darlings" of Western media and elites. Have you listened to Patrushev lately? Boy, some explosive shit is coming up soon. Like experiments on people. War Crimes Tribunal will be a wowser.

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