Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Upcoming Finalization.

For the Eastern Cauldron of VSU and remaining Nazi elements. Eduard Basurin is eloquent:  for VSU artillery people it is better not to surrender and commit suicide while they can (in Russian). 

He also added that now any 404 military in Mariupol who have been "pocketed" into the Azov Steel plant no humanitarian corridors will be offered out of Mariupol and that means physical annihilation and war crimes tribunal for those who will survive (in Russian). Most will not. Increasing number of reports from different sources confirm the fact that remaining "forces" of Azov and VSU are constantly high and under the influence of hard drugs, including heroin and other "cocktails" one shoots into veins. So, it is just the matter of method of how to finish those remnants off and if anything is worth saving at Azov Steel plant. We'll know soon enough. 

Now to Tucker.

The issue he raises is not that it is, indeed, insulting for a country which loves to present itself as the best thing ever, but is that of a paralysis of the American governance due to a complete degeneracy of the elites. As I am on record, getting elected (and re-elected) has nothing to do with real governance on the national level--I assert this for years and the record of the so called Western (and American) "governance" supports my assertions. The most disturbing in all that is the fact apart from purging the best and most capable from government structures, it is a complete inability to process and internalize whatever the last bits of reliable data are provided. 

Some may say (and many do) that, oh, but providing "good data" isn't it "empowering" the enemy? Sure, but this does not apply in the US case since in normal governing bodies, should, what I write about (which, BTW, is not intel, it is all in the open) Russia and modern geopolitics, have been internalized, the only course the United States would have had in this case would be to tone down a BS, seek good accommodation with Russia and see how the US can benefit from it. This is what normal governing bodies do, but not in the US whose "elites", as I already stated not for once, cannot find their own ass with both hands in a brightly lit room. They just do not have faculties to get it, and they double-down with suicidal so called "policies", while having no situational awareness whatsoever. Those who do, they are purged and silenced, otherwise--you get General Keane and ISW, or Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken as an Exhibit A. So, it is not "insulting", it is suicidal and, in some cases, homicidal. Albeit the media shitstorm, after Biden calling for regime change in Russia, in the US MSM gives at least some hope that those cretins didn't lose the self-preservation instinct completely, and this is a good thing. 

Now the "thing" is coming:

I am not going to wax "economical" here, not exactly my shtick anyway, but  even ever critical of Kremlin Paul Craig Roberts had to admit:

This is what real physical economy of enclosed technological cycles and real military power give you--you can always reset the "resetters". I need to write something on Russian commercial aviation, some really interesting and cool developments are taking place there. It is especially important against the background of a terrifying tragedy of the China Eastern Boeing 737-800 crash. Can it be the case of the repeat of 737s known problem of the rudder being stuck? Remember Pittsburgh US Air flight 427?  And while at it, wait for revelations regarding MH17 Flight which are coming. Wonder why the US wanted to blame LDNR for that? War Crimes Tribunal will provide a real investigation and results. Where US and UK supplied Stingers and Starstreaks, in what hands, will they end up? Questions, questions...

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