Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Larry Gives A Context...

Larry Johnson gives a very much needed context, which the US media and their loser "experts" try to avoid as if avoiding death. 

What kind of fighter would Vitali Klitschko, a professional boxer and Mayor of Kiev, be if he only fought amateur boxers from lower weight classes? He would be dominating in those fights. But what would happen if he had to fight a real pro like Tyson Fury? He might win but the outcome would be in doubt since he had never fought a fully trained professional (who just happens to be the current Heavy Weight champion). This analogy describes the current state of the U.S. military. The American people love to say how great and powerful the U.S. military is without pausing to consider the problems those forces had in quelling insurgencies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here is the reality–the U.S. military has not been in a battle with a legitimate military force since the Vietnam War. All U.S. military operations since 1990 have been unleashed on third world armies with no effective air power, air defense, artillery or maritime capability. When U.S. troops got into trouble in Afghanistan or Iraq they could call on air strikes or cruise missiles that decimated the attackers. It is like Vitali Klitschko beating the life out of a 150 pound foe who had never taken a boxing lesson.

Larry gets into the much needed operational (and tactical) realities which already begin to emerge in the war in 404 and comparison already IS NOT in US favor. But I warned about it already. Also note, I added Larry's excellent blog A Son of the New American Revolution to my blog-roll on the right side of this blog of mine. Read Larry's thoughts--you'll find many excellent ones there.

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