Sunday, March 27, 2022

About Treating Russian POWs...

.... by Ukie Nazis. Bestiality and sadism are usually associated with two major things: desperation from losing and visceral hatred, characteristic of fanatical movements which, in 404, is Neo-Nazism. Here is this video of torturing and barbaric execution of several Russian POWs. These are people in 404 who are supported by Western media and many in US military and "intelligence" community. Same as a slaughter of innocent children in Beslan or taking hostages by Chechen and international terrorists have been lauded by US media and fault was placed squarely on Russia and Putin personally. 

I am on record that media in general, but especially Western media are not normal humans in terms of basic human morality and behavior. So, they have the reckoning coming with their exposure as war criminals. These videos are just a tiny part of atrocities Ukie Neo-Nazis continue to commit in 404 against civilians (forget POWs, they are too few) by killing, torturing and using them as human shield. New Nuremberg is coming and there, be it in Donetsk, Moscow or Crimea, the names, including Western politicians, intel operatives and media will be stated next to the pictures of war crime on a mass scale and the charges will be leveled, including media types from the US and Europe. 

Per those in the video who execute Russian POWs, I am sure they are already identified and they better run, they will not be taken POWs. Per Mariupol, here are Kadyrov and LDNR guys clearing remaining pockets of the resistance:

As you may have guessed it already, now many Russian forces are "freed" to get involved on other operational directions (axes). In related news, the head of LNR Leonid Pasechnik already stated that LDNR (both) are ready for referendum to join Russia. Totally expected, it also opens clearly budget means for restoration and final integration of LDNR economies to Russia. Now we begin to look at  Nikolaev and Odessa. Finally, a massive use of methadone and  hard drugs by remnants of Azov is confirmed. They know what expects them.

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