Thursday, March 17, 2022

Some Short Explanation.

For those who still think that Russia is intimidated or affected by "freezing" of Russia's funds in the West or some other very PR-driven grandiose statements from the West. I don't like Russian channel Tsragrad TV--it is very, to put it mildly, peculiar one and the presence of a professional BSer and ignoramus such as Sergei Mikheev on its long (very long) info-broadcasts is one of the factors which completely averted me personally from considering this company seriously. Having said all that, in 2020 Google blocked this channel from everywhere. No real explanation was given, but Tsargrad, having a somewhat nationalist slant, was definitely Google's target for a while. Well, guess what. Today, without much ado one of Russia's courts issued the order to arrest first one billion Rubles on Google accounts in Russia in favor of Tsargrad (in Russian).  

This is just the start, many more actions like this one are coming and many more are planned. Vladimir Putin speaking at the meeting on social-economic development of Crimea stated that now Russian banks and companies should not worry about sanctions and can fearlessly move in (in Russian). As I already stated, I reiterate again--the "freezing" of around $300 billion worth of Russia's currency assets in Western banks will be countered and it will hurt like hell Western financial system. Here is the proof. 

And again, I stress it--Petro Yuan is one thing, Ruble-Rupee in Russia-India trade is the whole other story altogether, same as Ruble-Yuan in Russian-Chinese one. USD dominance is being annihilated as I type this. And I can only quote Michael Hudson who himself admitted that he didn't expect this implosion to develop with such a lightning speed. As you know, I am on record--physical economy and its main derivative, state of the art military, is what only matters in real world. The next step, which is already in progress is demolishing any remaining reputation of all Western "rating" agencies and other institutions which exist only for confusion of people around the world in regards to fast declining and unsalvageable Western economies.  Obviously operation in Ukraine will be used by the combined West for covering its own utter economic and foreign policy incompetence, which started to manifest itself long before Russia started to deal with Ukraine up-close and personal, but then again--did you expect anything else? I didn't. 

P.S. In related news, Slovakia allegedly agreed (tentatively--I stress that) to deliver some of Slovakia's S-300s to Ukraine. Interestingly, that tells you that 404's AD is reduced to manpads primarily. If Slovakia goes for it, I think we will have interesting videos of annihilation of those S-300s once they cross the border. 

Something like this--annihilation of the 152-mm battery of VSU near Kiev. I don't even know what they were thinking about deploying in the open field. It is a death sentence. Well...stupid is as stupid does, quoting beloved mama of Forrest Gump.

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