Wednesday, March 23, 2022

I Know It Hurts But...

NATO spreading the BS about "7,000 to 15,000 Russian troops killed" in Ukraine, such as this video (among many other) suggests:

They exhibit utter professional inadequacy of NATO's military people, because they both do not understand what modern combined arms operations are, plus they do not know--not surprising--military history of the 20th century. Again, I am not surprised. But why do I say so? Because I operate with data from archives and from professionals and here is an example. These are losses of the Red Army in the period from 13 August--22 September 1943 (41 day) during Donbass Strategic Offensive Operation. 

Here is the same table in more presentable view in Excel, the original is from famous Krivosheev's work Russia and USSR In The 20th Century Wars. 
Let me explain the significance of this table. Red Army fought for 41 day Wehrmacht's Army Group South which German "historians" humbly number in 400,000 soldiers, and provide preposterous number of their losses (no wonder then that the US cannot win a war, US Army took to heart "lessons" and "statistics" provided by former Nazis) but this group, actually, was lead by, indeed, world-class military leader Erich Von Manstein and it was still Wehrmacht of 1943 just fresh from its defeat at Kursk but still at its prime. I know it is impossible to explain to Western journo what correlation of forces means, especially using actual numbers and coefficients, but even taking the overall correlation of forces in July 1943 as roughly 1.65 to 1 in favor of the Red Army, we may look at the Manstein forces numbering roughly 600,000 troops supported by still capable and dangerous Luftwaffe and panzer forces.  
Yet, here we are, and for 41 day Red Army fights a massive and highly trained and motivated Wehrmacht and SS force under the conditions of absolute hell and ferocious combat and yet, these 1.7 million men clashing on the front of more than 360 kilometers. Yet, for all this insane ferocity the Red Army suffered KIAs on average: 66,166/41=1,613 KIAs daily. Now, in accordance to NATO, with Russian Army already denying VSU any mobility by the end of the first week and wiping out the Ukie Air Force from the skies largely in the same time frame. NATO (or whoever feeds this BS to Western MSM), Russians in 27 days were sustaining 15,000/27=555 KIAs daily. Let me put it this way--I would love to do the stream with any NATO general and discuss with him those "realities", how comes that Russian Army, losing a battalion a day KIAs (meaning 3 to 4 times wounded) and having a complete domination in space, skies, sea and ground (multi-domain thingy, you know) with already de facto destroyed VSU as an organized force, managed to accomplish all that? Hm, something doesn't add up in NATO's accounting. By now Russians should have disintegrated. 15,000 KIAs and roughly 50,000 wounded. Boy, those Ukies are good, really good. Wehrmacht circa 1941-43 looks in awe on VSU accomplishments. 
And the news, unlike a BS which Pentagon and NATO pours over the heads of illiterate Western media, Russian forces are already taking surrendering VSU troops as of today not in dozens or hundreds, no--the count is now in thousands. Details are here (in Russian) from people who are actually on the ground there. I am ON record--even when lying for the sake of propaganda, one has to lie, fvcking, professionally. Evidently they don't teach Operations and Tactics in whatever madras those (naturally anonymous) NATO "sources" attend. They cannot even construct a believable lie. I omit here all those butt-hurt military fanboys from YouTube who spew BS about actual shock and awe of Russia using hypersonic weapons (Kinzhal) in combat zone to a devastating effect produced in NATO's capitals. Of course, even POTUS had to comment on that, granted putting a risible spin on it, you know Russians are "running out of weapons", and because of that they use state-of-the-art weapons systems.I have a question, if hypersonic weapons are "all hype", why would POTUS specifically comment on Kinzhal's capability? Questions, questions. 
Meanwhile, Russian Armed Forces demonstrate what a salvo of supersonic P-800 Onyx (in Crimea) is at the land targets in 404. 
What a funny pesky missile this Onyx is, works equally good on surface and land targets. M=2.5 no less and the salvo runs itself from acquisition of targets to target distribution and even anti-air defense maneuvering and Counter-ECM. But yes, today Russian Army loses war in Ukraine especially dramatically, and I am sure because Russia loses this war so badly, she introduced resources-based Ruble and told the West to go and pound sand. What a strange, completely irrational behavior on Russia's part (wink, wink). Right?

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