Monday, March 21, 2022

You Cannot Fix Stupid.

I don't know, why this is a thing in the West: dramaturgists, actors, producers have a view and comment on warfare. Get a load of this:

What are hypersonic missiles? Russia's newest weapon in Ukraine war.

This is written by this girl who wouldn't know shit from shinola. But that is not what is peculiar about this. Literally, 20 minutes before me posting this, this same article went under the title: Russia is short on ammo. Evidently, Russia's use of Kinzhals was supposed to be the indicator of Russia being "short" on whatever weapons. They changed the title at the last moment. I omit here discussing any substance of this sophomoric propaganda crap. 

But one should certainly recognize the accuracy of Russia's intel when the abandoned hotel next to shopping center in Kiev goes huge Kaboom  once either Iskander or Kinzhal gets to it and you can see how stored ammo explodes. 

I also posted some comments today on YouTube and I make it available, with the help of my wonderful patrons, for everyone. 

So, here is a primer for this Monday.
Crude at $300 per barrel in the West, woo-hoo, they really want to bury us all (in the West, I mean). 

UPDATE: A-ha, I found it--that's the title on the "front page". 

In related news, Russia is short on crude oil and beer.

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