Friday, March 25, 2022

Short Note On Russian (LDNR Too) Losses.

Russian MoD announced the number of losses by combined Russian-LDNR forces.  KIAs: 1,351, Sanitary (Wounded etc.): 3,825 (in Russian). As you can see yourself a classic ratio of roughly 1 KIA to 3 Sanitary is almost exact. This is exactly what I wrote about two days ago. This shows, as is known now, that Anglo-American MSM are staffed with one-cell creatures who know nothing, as is true for their curators from "intel" who drip all kinds of BS for them, about real war and basic correlates, which do not require special education. How do I assess losses? Under existing conditions and considering a massive scale of operation--they are light. 

Meanwhile VSU continues to annihilate Russian aviation, now the third time over, and is being victorious to the left and to the right. PJW has a video to prove it;)

I guess CIA and Pentagon should really continue to rely on VSU as their sources of information. Same as US Treasury should rely on economic data from IMF, or State Department base its conclusions on opinions of Michael McFaul, Masha Gessen and Julia Ioffe. 

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