Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Larry Johnson Had Enough...

 ... of nonsense and wrote a terrific piece on... nonsense. Here is an excerpt. 

When I saw this headline today I assumed it was from the Babylon Bee (a terrific satirical blog)–Russia May Only Have 14 Days. Nope. It was Newsmax. Here’s a snippet from that article:

If you believe this nonsense please send me your name and address. I have a bridge to sell you in Kiev. Here’s the reality–there is a No Fly Zone over Ukraine and it is imposed by Russia.

This article is so absurd and out of touch with reality that it must be addressed. I will start by asking two questions:

  1. How many times in the last 19 days has a Ukrainian regiment or battalion engaged a comparable Russian unit and forced the Rooskies to retreat?
  2. How many times in the last 19 days has Ukrainian artillery or fixed/rotary wing aircraft attacked a Russian military column and destroyed it?

Answer to both–NONE. ZERO. ZIPPO. ZILCH.

Let me put this into perspective–it took the “mighty” U.S. military machine 3 weeks to capture Baghdad while having air supremacy and facing a demoralized, ragtag Iraqi Army. Boy, we pushed out our chests over beating up those little kids.

Read the whole thing at Sonar21. It is worth reading, it also resonates well with Douglas Macgregor's explanation of what is going on in Ukraine.  

It is good to know that competent and realistic POVs by true professionals such as Larry, Macgregor, Ritter, Armstrong and others in the US (specifically the US, Europe is a different thing) still find a place in media space and are heard.  So, here they are today. Real pros! And on record. 

Meanwhile, see (in Russian) TVC's network report and see how much (a lot, and I mean a lot) of the West's "military aid" ends up in Russian hands.

It is also worth watching, even if in Russian. Seeing sometimes is enough without too many words.

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