Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Russia Is Crushed Completely By Sanctions.

Sad news for Russian ego. Public gatherings of mourners are reported all over Russia, candle vigils are held, all because Russia was banned from... Eurovision. But combined West is relentless in its efforts to completely crush Russian culture and in atrocity not seen since like ever the combined West did this:

The shock-waves of this decision still resonate across desperate Russia and in the last attempt to save his nation Vladimir Putin, after consulting with Russia's Security Council, ordered Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to develop urgently the strategy of import substitution with feline competitions being substituted with bear competitions and the establishment of the International Bear Society (IBS) is also planned. These are the most damaging sanctions imposed on Russia so far and their impact is already felt all across the nation. In fact, there are reports of rich Russian feline owners committing suicides or going as far as switching to ownership of turtles in order to be a part of competitions under the auspices of Societe' Honneur Internationale Tortues (aka SHIT) just to satisfy their dopamine addiction which comes with participating in this kind of competitions.  And, of course, a thirst for shopping in Paris. Putin didn't expect such a severe blow. Eat this GRU and SVR, not so cocky now with your forecasts, eh?

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