Monday, October 2, 2023


Russia made no secret about existence of this weapon, which is a good reminder to ass-holes who think that they can start WW III and then hide either in New Zealand or in Patagonia. This weapon is designed for the purpose of hunting down war criminals in mind too.  

After that a typical sore loser's BS starts, like this:

Russia previously conducted 13 known tests between 2017 and 2019, all of which were unsuccessful, according to a report from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit group focused on arms control. And mishaps can be deadly. A missile launched in 2019 crashed and eventually exploded during a recovery attempt, killing seven people, according to U.S. officials. “It is exotic — it is dangerous in its testing and development phase,” said Daryl G. Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association. Whether the Burevestnik has been tested again since 2019 isn’t clear, but even with a successful launch, the missile would still be years away from “operational deployment,” Kimball added.

Yeah, sure. In related news, NTI is a collection of good ol' boys and girls (how about Alexei Arbatov, LOL) whose only purpose is pushing globalist agenda and has nothing to do with nuclear security. Their normal MO is lying and making shit up. A classic American "think-tank" packed with people who wouldn't know shit about anything, e.g. Alexei Arbatov. In related news, I did have the exchange with one of the real scientific authority (Ph.D. in Physics, some prominent positions in government adjacent orgs), I was astounded, in fact shocked when this, indeed, real deal scientist, didn't know that Russian Kupol early warning system was not the only one where Russia was catching up, but that Early Warning Radar of Russia such as Voronezh made the US mainstay AN/FPS-132 look like a children toy railroad kit compared to a real size diesel locomotive

Yes, they, most of them anyway, are stuck, in 1990s and practically none of them has any clue about Russia's weapons programs and they continue to lie, while NATO's "best" equipment burns in the fields of 404 in industrial quantities. Marat yesterday noted, that when the reports of any armor with crosses on them received in the Russian Army, most guys don't care about money reward, they just burn with the desire to blow this armor up. I guess it is genetic memory. In the same time, back to Petrel/Burevestnik, allow me to remind you similar BS on part of US "(lack of)intel community" and other "academics" re: validity of hypersonic weapons a few years back. Well, can you imagine how they look like today, their faces? But then again, you all already saw what those "experts" are, such as H.I. Sutton who passes for the Russian "submarine expert". Well, that is what they do for living--BS. It is therapeutic for them. 

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