Monday, October 16, 2023

It Is A Party.

Mr. Putin (also increasingly known as the leader of the free world) arrives to Beijing. They will discuss among those representatives of 140 nations how to form unified Eurasian and global markets at Belt and Road Forum.

Meanwhile, Generalissimo Suvorov arrives to its base on Kamchatka to start its service. 

It is the newest Borei A-class SSBN (pr. 955A) and she is not as peaceful as the man who just arrived to Beijing but it is precisely because of systems like said Generalissimo, that Putin can afford to be peaceful. Here is report in Russian. Estonians can be proud (believe me, they are, their media reported it with pride--so much for Russophobia, LOL) that the sub was met personally by Commander in Chief of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet Admiral Victor Liina. Yes, he is half-Estonian.  If anyone is interested--he has the same specialty as mine, after he graduated VVMUPP (PP standing for Podvodnoye Plavanie, Submarine Navigation). 

Here is a reminder (from a few years back) where Suvorov is now:

It is a party, both in Beijing and in Vilyuchinsk.

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