Sunday, October 1, 2023

On Culture...

 ... in a larger sense. By far not everything is bad in American culture as we used to know it. In the end, for century New York's skyline was the envy of the world. Not anymore. NYC today is a shithole and high culture barely survives, and so does a remainder of clear understanding of one national self. You can take the girl out of the village, you cannot take the village out of the girl. The best America can offer today compares in terms of high culture as a Wanker county fair muppet show to Bolshoy Ballet. Even Washington's National Gallery of Art has its roots in Russia. American elites, however, ooze provincialism (not to speak of low intelligence) non-stop. So, Condi Rice decided to raise her opinion on Russia while having zero grasp of what she is looking at. County fair, all along. Nothing is wrong with county fairs, though, per se. Unless, of course, it is State Department and Pentagon.

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