Saturday, October 28, 2023

Why PBS Is Full Of...

... shit. I am on record, again, that normal people do not work in US corporate media--most of them are ignorant sociopaths, exact type needed to push through suicidal agendas and sensationalism. So, today it is PBS, tomorrow it will be CNN, then WSJ--doesn't matter. Here is example:

PBS staff, whose technical "expertise" doesn't stretch beyond latest model of iPhone or latest model espresso machine, or bidet, in trying to create sensation goes to 2016 contract of Niles-Simmons with Russia. Then they make introduction to CNC for lay people not understanding that between 2016 and 2021, not to speak about 2023 lies a gigantic difference in Russia's machine building complex. Especially in terms of production of large lathes, capable of cutting (turning) exactly same things as this Niles-Simmons center. But PBS are not journalists but party affiliated propagandists to know that Russia produces a shitload of own CNC machinery ranging from lathes to full blown multi-axis machining centers. She also produces her own CNC controls which are fully competitive with Fauc, Siemens and HAAS controls. 

Here are some demonstrations. Here is TC1640F3 of Tver Stankomash machine building plant

You can see that the place for CNC control is left empty because it could be furnished for customer with whatever control they want. It's range at Z-axis (in lathes Z-axis is usually horizontal, parallel to spindle) is 3 meters and TC1640 is capable to handle raw part with the mass of 2 tons (option--up to 3 tons) and diameter up to 80 centimeters. 

If someone has questions about Russia's own CNC controls, allow me to introduce one of many--Balt System. You can take a look at the line of their CNC controls. So browse their site--it is fascinating. Of course, there is a Modmash-Soft producing this and other things like that

But it becomes even more fascinating when one begins to look at other Russian-made large scale lathes (and mills, why not). Like T-800 (I kid you not) Proton with lathe-mill operations

Or, like this piece of machine from Ryazan

This monster can turn even larger diameter pieces--1 meter (1,000 mm). Of course, although in Russian, you can see presentation by Tver plant. CNC controls are HAAS in this video. 

As I am on record non-stop--if there have not been any sanctions, they should have been invented by Russians themselves. They allowed to dramatically accelerate the introduction of technologies which Russia always had. But because PBS employs shysters, they don't have time to face reality or do even high-school level research. But in the end, what good does this US-made CNC lathe do when the US hasn't been able to produce a decent weapon system in ages. And, of course, PBS never heard of metrology and they don't know that Russia is one of the leaders in this field. I also have some bad news for PBS--a shitload of US industrial plant uses, and you have guessed it, Japanese and Chinese-made machining centers with lathes and mills. 

So, one must then ask how Russians can make things like that:

And not this: 
Well, I guess PBS needs to study subject matter before trying to push their BS under the guise of a news story. But then again, normal people do not work at PBS.

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