Saturday, October 14, 2023

She Is From CNN...

 ... which is a euphemism for lowlifes. Normal people do not work for CNN, moral freaks, war criminals and satanists do. 

Israel-Hamas war: How the unverified claim about beheaded babies spread — ‘Same misinformation, different war’. The reports first surfaced on Tuesday, days after the start of the latest conflict between Israel and militant group Hamas, and were quickly reshared. 

Read the whole thing, it is fascinating. Now this CNN "reporter" squeezes apology from herself:  

No normal person, of course, believes her. This IS the nature, this is Exhibit A of modern media. It just happened so that CNN is a euphemism for lies and war crimes, other corporate ones are not much better. Most, not all, modern journos have no morals other than urges to report "sensation".  Practically all of them are addicted to atrocity porn because it sells and because it is one of the very few ways for people like this "reporter" from CNN or blood thirsty harpies like Christian Amanpour, or deranged Maddow, among many others, to have their hefty paychecks, because with their backgrounds in "telecommunications", "journalism" or occasional political BS-science degree they are useless human beings sublimating many of their psychological and life problems into aggression and readiness to push any agenda as long as it contributes to the aim of achieving the pinnacle of what James Kunstler described as national "self mind-fuckery". 

We have been here before, haven't we? 

Just see the "coverage" of SMO for the last 600 days.

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