Thursday, October 5, 2023

Alastair Crooke Says What Needs To Be Said.

Yes, in the eyes of the Washington Establishment I am a subhuman. I am Russian, Slav etc. Most people in the US Congress view me as subhuman, James Clapper views me as subhuman, so do many Pentagon and CIA people. Here are the words of one of the America's most celebrated heroes, who substituted his rather very average military abilities with a very outstanding ambitions, big mouth and a proper attitude:

So, it comes naturally in the West to very many in "establishment" and it is, certainly, a driving attitude for neocons. 

Russians are, certainly, viewed as subhumans by 404 inhabitants. But don't just attribute it to neocon fanatics and uncultured hacks, much of the American "elite" always viewed Russians as subhumans, it was also a defensive reaction of which I write constantly--US "elites" have been always subpar lacking centuries of cultural conditioning and nourishment. What is the defense then against 1,000+ years of history of Russia, her immense military history and a high art which makes NYC look like a local county antique store across the... well, yes, Hermitage? Of course, it is suppressed jealousy and, as a consequence, hate and the traditional West's rationale for that is the race, subhumanity of the hated other. Patton was a military mediocrity, naturally extolled in the US as a military genius, one tends to do so when having no clue about WW II, but it was him who stated that "we fought the wrong enemy". And here we are today. 

In reality, Patton knew that he was a junior student of a modern combined arms warfare of scale he couldn't even grasp looking at people of the statue of Katukov who had behind his belt with his brigade and then army defeats of Guderian, battle of Rzhev, Stalingrad, Kursk, taking of Berlin--the accomplishments Patton could only dream about. In his diary Patton wrote about Marshal Tolbukhin as "inferior man", not willing to accept the fact that he was simply out of this league of military leaders the scale of Tolbukhin. In this respect, Patton is a pattern and representative of MO of the US "elites" who, with some notable exceptions, for the most part never had and do not have class. This explains a lot in terms of attitudes, whatever racial, ethnic or cultural factors are at play for modern Washington and Europe. I am on record--the US does not produce statesmen, it can't.

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